Gears 5 Introducing New Accessibility Options

The Operation 7 Drop 1 update for Gears 5 was released recently, and it included a number of multiplayer improvements and new content. In addition to a brand-new multiplayer mode, new characters, and balancing tweaks, Gears 5 has a long list of new usability features.

Recently, accessibility features have become a hot topic in the gaming industry. Several new games like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart include many new features to ensure that as many players as possible will enjoy the game. Even years after their release, several older games, such as Gears 5, are taking the time to improve their usability.

The largest change in this update is the inclusion of a new feature called Navigation Ping – Escape Mode. Players can choose from four different modes in this feature. The first is a Full Path ping, which continuously pings where players would go in order to advance.


The second is a Doorways ping, which continuously pings each area’s main exit. There is a difference in modes in both modes while the player is using the Taccom. The features should make it easier for certain players to explore the game’s universe and get to all of Gears 5’s grim plot beats and moments.

The Navigation Ping also includes special pings that signal whether players need to communicate with something in the world or vault over a piece of cover, as well as a high-contrast visual cue for each ping. The other two usability features in Gears 5 are the ability to disable camera shake in PvE modes and the ability to use the Target Lock feature in PvE modes. Though there don’t seem to be many updates for players playing PvP multiplayer, the update does allow PC and console cross-play for all Gears 5 players.


It’s fantastic that the gaming industry seems to be putting money into usability features in a variety of genres and ways. With major corporations such as Sony filing comprehensive patents on usability, the future seems promising for more players than ever before to be able to enjoy new game updates.

More people playing a game is always a positive thing, and Gears 5 creators The Coalition’s efforts to grow the game’s audience years since its release are admirable. Future Xbox first-party games can hopefully continue to improve their compatibility capabilities and introduce some more creativity and new expectations to the field.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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