Genshin Impact Celebrates Kaeya’s Birthday By Giving Players A Free Gift

Genshin Impact by Chinese developer miHoYo has been out for two months already, and those players who have been around since its launch have most likely noticed a pattern by now. Asides from quests, events, Artifacts, and Domains, fans who have been playing for some time have experienced a special in-game event, and that is birthday celebrations.

By now, Travelers know that Genshin Impact characters have respective birthdays. When their birthday comes around, they have a tendency to leave unique birthday messages in the player’s inbox along with free gifts.

While most players have been busy and preoccupied with the new features and characters brought about by Genshin Impact’s 1.1 update as well as the recent Unreconciled Stars event, one beloved character celebrated his birthday today, November 30.

The birthday celebrant, Kaeya, is a smooth-talking Cryo swordsman who also happens to be the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius. Recently, the Electro character Keqing celebrated her birthday, but those who play Genshin Impact today will find a message from Kaeya in celebration of his birth date.

The Cavalry Captain is infamous for being extremely good at lying as well as the fact that he has a pretty rocky relationship with his step-brother, the Pyro character Diluc — the owner of the Dawn Winery in Mondstadt.

According to Kaeya’s birthday message, it appears that he has a soft spot for the Traveler a.k.a the player character, as he feels the need to tell the truth whenever they’re around. He goes on to ask the Traveler if they’re up to having a few drinks with him, even offering to get a non-alcoholic beverage for the player.

Included in the birthday message are five glasses of Apple Cider Vinegar, the aforementioned non-alcoholic drink, as well as his special dish called the Fruity Skewers. That being said, Kaeya’s birthday celebration isn’t as exciting as the previous celebrants, especially since he didn’t include any Talent or Character Ascension Materials.

On the bright side, it does give us a sneak-peek into Kaeya’s honest, more vulnerable side, which fleshes out his character even more. Plus, he did offer powerful healing items as well, so it’s better than nothing.


Genshin Impact has many playable characters now, with some recently introduced while others are still on the way. Players have the option to check each character’s Status page in-game if they want to learn or verify their birthday, while another option would be to do a quick Google search.

However, there’s not much else players can do on a character’s birthday asides from logging in and claiming the offered gifts. The great thing is that Travelers will still receive a message and corresponding gift from a character even when they haven’t unlocked the character in question yet. The important thing to do is to just log into the game on the character’s date of birth.

Those who want to receive something much fancier should look forward to their own birthdays. When starting out in Genshin Impact, the game asks players to input their date of birth and when that time comes, rest assured that miHoYo will be giving fans something special.

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