Genshin Impact Loading Time and Visuals Will Be Enhanced on PlayStation 5

miHoyo, the developer behind hit game Genshin Impact, has announced that the game will feature enhanced visuals and quicker load times on the PlayStation 5. The popular game, which was launched across the world last September, has instantly become one of the most successful games of 2020, making more than $245 million in mobile sales alone within its first weeks of launch despite being a free to play the game.

A lot of fans blame the financial success of Genshin Impact to its gacha system, wherein players utilize an in-game feature called Wish to summon a random hero or weapon. Wishes can be bought through an in-game currency that can either be acquired through achievements, quests, or bought with real-world money.

The randomized loot box-like, nature of utilizing Wishes leads a lot of players to spend real money to hastily acquire more if the in-game currency to get more chances of receiving the hero or weapon they want.

With the PlayStation 5 nearing its November release date, miHoyo finally revealed new details on what’s coming to Genshin Impact for the next-gen console. Based on reports, Genshin Impact will not be only playable on the PlayStation 5 through its backward compatibility feature, but it will also have its visuals and loading time improved, thanks to the new machine’s superior hardware.

Genshin Impact is one of the countless PlayStation 4 games that will be compatible with the PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility, with most games getting new updates to enhance not only loading times but also its graphics when run on the PlayStation 5.

The compatibility of Genshin Impact with Sony’s next-gen console with the game’s upcoming and extremely anticipated v1.1 update, which will bring along a set of new content and improvements to the game’s mechanics and gameplay.

Update v1.1 will also introduce four new playable heroes, including two new 5-tier party members as well as new quests and storyline, including the conclusion of Liyue’s plot. The update will also add a reputation system for every region currently available in the game, new items such as a portable stove and waypoint, and a lot more.

It’s incredible how popular and successful the game has instantly become considering it was just released a few weeks ago. With miHoYo consistently releasing updates to enhance the game as well as frequently adding new features and content to further refine its gaming experience, Genshin Impact’s fame might just keep growing bigger.

It will be exciting to see how the game will run on the PlayStation 5 considering that Genshin Impact already runs and looks amazing on the PlayStation 4.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc is a frantic writer, blogger, and ghostwriter. He quit his office job as an Applications Engineer for the love of writing. When he’s not working, he’s either playing with his PS4 or his 1-year old daughter.

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