Genshin Impact Upcoming v1.2 Update New Map, Characters, Release Date Announced

A new trailer video for Genshin Impact v1.2 update has been posted, announcing new characters, the new Dragonspine map area as well as a quickly approaching launch date. The new faces arriving with the players’ parties in the upcoming update were already recently leaked during the game’s beta, although the developers never confirmed who would actually be debuting within which update.

The game’s most recently released update, v1.1, added four new characters – Xinyan, Zhongli, Diona, and Tartaglia. Developer miHoYo added the new characters in duos, with Diona and Tartaglia introduced in one banner then Xinyan and Zhongli in another subsequently. Remarkably, fans started asking the development team to buff Zhongli as soon as he was added to the roster because they felt like the new character isn’t dealing much damage as expected.

The new trailer published by miHoYo for v1.2 revealed the release date of The Dragon and The Chalk Prince, releasing as soon as December 23, 2020. The trailer also featured new party members Ganyu and Albedo, two of the new heroes arriving in the next major update. Ganyu is another bow-wielding with Cryo typing, similar to Diona from the previous update, while Albedo is a sword user with a Geo affinity and will play a big role in the update’s plot.

The trailer also showcased the game’s first new area, the Dragonspine region, where the new story will be set, giving fans a better look at the new place’s snow-filled landscape. According to the developers, the new area is where the remnants of the venomous Durin, a dragon that was first mentioned during Genshin Impact’s first chapter, are held after getting beaten by Dvalin.


This new look at the v1.2 update also hints at a few new weapons that will be added along with the update such as the sword called the Festering Desire, which appears to play a critical role in the story as well as a new greatsword, catalyst, and spear.

Just like the previously released v1.1 update, there’s surely plenty of new content players can look forward to when the new update arrives in a few weeks. It’s uncertain whether miHoyo plans to reveal more characters for the update in order to match the four of the past one, so fans will just have to wait if the developers make any new revelations before the update is released.

Meanwhile, players still have a few days to finish the game’s ongoing Gliding Challenge event while they wait.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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