Genshin Impact Player Calculates Diluc and Amber’s Current In-Game Age

The investigative powers of fans have always been impressive, as they are almost always capable of finding out certain details about a particular game or its characters without any official statement from developers. This time around, one Genshin Impact player has done the math and discovered the current in-game ages of characters, Diluc and Amber.

The fan was able to reach this conclusion thanks to miHoYo’s manga stories which gave players insight to a bit of lore, as well as in-game references that helped with their calculations.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Genshin Impact is a free-to-play multiplayer game from Chinese developer miHoYo. It launched globally only last year, but was able to quickly rise through the charts to become one of the biggest online games in the market right now. It’s available to play on multiple platforms, including mobile and PC, and continues to receive regular updates that add new features and playable characters.


Some of the reasons why Genshin Impact is so appealing to the video game community is its wide array of characters as well as its expansive open world. However, one other aspect of the online game that has really caught the fans’ attention is its narrative and lore. The pieces of information that fans have uncovered surrounding Genshin Impact’s universe have been interesting thus far.

Genshin Impact’s plot isn’t confusing or complex in any way, but most often than not, the game’s storylines leave players with unanswered questions simply because miHoYo prefers to keep things mysterious and open-ended. As a matter of fact, even some basic details about the online game’s lore are still hazy, such as the different characters’ age.

Fortunately, one Genshin Impact fan took it upon themselves to find out how old Diluc and Amber are in the game’s current narrative. The player in question, Beneficial_Fennel_10, recently posted their findings on the Genshin Impact Reddit community.

I figured out Amber and Diluc age. from Genshin_Impact

From the post, the player gathered information from the different sources available, namely the manga, an in-game message, and the game’s current timeline. After utilizing all the available information and making the necessary calculations, Beneficial_Fennel_10 reached the conclusion that Amber is currently 18 in-game while Diluc is 22.

Of course, this kind of information doesn’t really add anything significant to the game, but it’s a fun detail that Genshin Impact players may have been curious to know. Diluc is a character who is, more often than not, serious and brooding. As such, many may find that he seems more mature than a 22-year-old. On the other hand, some fans defend this by saying that he’s a character who has been through a lot, which could explain his personality.

As for Amber, she’s a very happy-go-lucky character, which makes sense if she really is 18. Dedicated Genshin Impact players have invested a lot in these characters—some even financially—so Reddit user Beneficial_Fennel_10’s efforts in finding out Amber and Diluc’s age doesn’t come as a surprise. We’re definitely interested to see if this will drive other players to dig even deeper and unearth other details about Genshin Impact and its wide array of characters.

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