Genshin Impact Players Are Frustrated With Petty Anniversary Rewards

Following a backlash over the game’s first-anniversary gifts, Genshin Impact players have begun review bombing the free-to-play title. Fans expected exciting new awards to claim in honor of the game’s first year but were disappointed with Genshin Impact community activities that were hosted on the developer’s social media platforms rather than in-game.

Fans were left bitterly disappointed when Genshin creator miHoYo promised numerous anniversary events for players earlier this month. Cosplay contests, a photography raffle, a Story Submission challenge, and artwork competitions are among the community activities offered throughout the company’s social media channels.

Prizes include anything from in-game items like Primogems to tangible items like iPads, Apple AirPods, and gift cards. Naturally, not every entry will be chosen as a winner, which some believe is unjust when it comes to honoring the game’s loyal community on its first anniversary. The community has reacted negatively to the Genshin Impact giveaways and web events, with many fans believing the events are underwhelming, especially for paying players.


Dwayne Dantes of Reddit has brought notice to the latest Genshin Impact review bombing (via TheGamer) owing to the “1st-anniversary disaster,” as the Reddit user calls it. The screenshot uploaded on Reddit shows a Google Play Store rating of 3.7 out of five stars, however, this has now plummeted to only two ratings at the time of writing.

MiHoYo has been called “greedy” in several recent reviews, with many users criticizing the anniversary prizes as inadequate. At this point, the review bombing is largely restricted to the Google Play Store, however the App Store’s review score is also decreasing, and the game’s official Discord is also suffering.

It remains to be seen whether Genshin Impact will pay attention to fan input. Many Google Play Store reviews of the game allege that miHoYo has deleted their prior bad evaluations, implying that the firm is attempting to prevent the review bombing.

Genshin Impact getting review bombed after the 1st anniversary fiasco. from gachagaming

More anniversary prizes might be released in the following weeks if the developer listens to what players want. The review bombing is expected to continue until miHoYo reacts to the situation.

Despite the negative reviews, the first-anniversary celebrations may be worth attending, particularly for novice gamers. Users may receive Mora, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Primogems, and Hero’s Wit by witnessing their own Genshin Impact experiences since launch during the “Unforgettable Journey” theater event, which runs from today, September 28, until October 12.

From September 29 through October 7, players may design anniversary cards for a chance to win a Blessing of the Welkin Moon or 100,000 Mora through the “Message in Time” event. Many Genshin Impact fans would have liked special anniversary incentives, and it is anticipated that miHoYo would not repeat these occurrences in the future.

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