Genshin Impact Releases New Character Trailer for Zhongli

Gentry of Hermitage, the Character Event Wish Banner dedicated to the character Zhongli, has officially launched in Genshin Impact. To commemorate this moment, developer miHoYo dropped a brand-new character trailer touting the 5-star Geo character, giving players an idea of his capabilities.

Last month, miHoYo unveiled the first banner under the latest 1.1 update, which featured Tartaglia aka Childe, and other playable characters such as the adorable bartender, Diona. This first banner was entitled Farewell of Snezhnaya.

The release of Tartaglia made sense given how Genshin Impact’s Liyue storyline is primarily focused on his character and the Fatui Harbingers. Coincidentally, the other 5-star character Zhongli also plays a major role in this narrative, which is why he now has his own dedicated Banner.

Unlike Childe who is smug and “kind of a bad guy,” Zhongli is calm and nonchalant as he assists the Traveler on their journey in A New Star Approaches. He’s a reserved and polite young man who is more than familiar with Liyue’s history and culture.

The character trailer dedicated to Zhongli is suitably titled “Dominance of Earth.” However, the character has a surprising flaw, which is unveiled in the third Liyue act: Zhongli isn’t that good at handling Mora.

That being said, his combat and playstyle are some of the reasons why players are looking forward to his release, and these two aspects are very obviously highlighted in the trailer as well. In addition, he’s the very first Geo Vision polearm user in the roster of playable characters, making him even more unique than the others.

Zhongli’s passive skills are worth mentioning as well, as he has the ability to take back 15% of ores used when specifically crafting polearm weapons. This has the potential to become an extremely valuable passive talent for those who are constantly forging weapons at the Blacksmith.

As for his normal attacks and Elemental Skills, they aren’t that surprising for someone who has Geo Vision. Similar to the Geo player character (a.k.a Traveler), Zhongli has an Elemental Skill that gives him the ability to make a Geo Construct. For his case though, his Geo Construct is more of a tall and slender pillar that can be used both inside and outside of battle.


We refuse to reveal any spoilers, so let’s just say that players who have already undergone A New Star Approaches will have already experienced playing as Zhongli. As such, those players already know just how strong this character can be, especially his ultimate attack.

His Elemental Burst deals incredible Geo damage to its enemies, as Zhongli basically releases a meteor from the sky that will consequently crash-land into the planet. In addition, those enemies who do get impacted by the meteor will also get petrified, albeit temporarily.

It’s also worth noting how Zhongli’s Elemental Burst not only has one of the highest attack percents in Genshin Impact, but it also has one of the fastest cooldowns.

Without a doubt, Zhongli is definitely a character that anyone would want on their team. Although, don’t miss out on the Pyro Vision, Xinyan, as well, who will be joining Zhongli in his Banner.

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