God of War Art Director Shares Remakes of Chrono Trigger Characters

With each passing year, more and more video games receive remakes especially with the advent of newer consoles, such as the PlayStation 5 remake of Demon’s Souls. Consequently, more gamers from different fanbases have been crossing their fingers for their favorite classic video game titles to get a full rework.

While not every single game from the past will be getting a remaster or remake, there are incredibly talented souls out there who want to give the fans a little taste of what their favorite games would look like if they were remade using the current technological advancements.

One of these talented artists is Rafael Grassetti, the Art Director for God of War, and many individuals from the video game community as well as those who simply enjoy art in general know that he’s definitely worth following on social media.

Asides from being an Art Director for Sony Santa Monica, Grassetti has made a name for himself by recreating classic characters and then posting the finished outputs for the public to see.

This time around, Grassetti shared his remakes of some characters from the classic Square Enix JRPG, Chrono Trigger, and the final outcome honestly looks incredible. The first remake Grassetti posted on his Instagram was of the main protagonist, Chrono.

The Chrono remake showcases the young, time-traveling hero in jaw-dropping detail. Of course, Chrono wouldn’t be Chrono without the signature Akira Toriyama hairstyle, which Grassetti did an amazing job in recreating as well.

The piece already has over 35,000 likes even though it was only posted two days ago. The fans’ responses were a mix of disappointment and awe, although the former has nothing to do with Grassetti’s work itself.

No, fans were disappointed because the amazing Chrono remake only reminded them of how Chrono Trigger will most probably never get a remake. That being said, Chrono was actually only the first character in Grassetti’s Chrono Trigger project.

Just like how the Art Director previously posted a series of reimagined versions of Smash Bros. characters last year, this newest set will be a part of a bigger project. After the Chrono piece caught the attention of the dormant Chrono Trigger fanbase, Grassetti posted the next character remake shortly after.


The next one that Grassetti created a remake of was a character simply named Frog, an anthropomorphic amphibian Knight who always wanted to do what was right. The last remake so far came in the form of Robo, the abandoned steampunk robot that fans know and love.

Fans of Chrono Trigger know that there are still four other characters left in the party for Grassetti to reimagine, namely Ayla, Marle, Magus, and Lucca. It’s definitely hard to say which character will come next, but those fans who are looking forward to the next piece won’t have to wait too long.

From our observation, Grassetti usually posts the finished products just a few hours from each other. At the time of writing, the Robo piece was posted 21 hours ago, so it shouldn’t be that long before the artist publishes the next one.

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