Godfall Standard Edition to be Priced at $70 for the PS5

It’s rather unfortunate, but we have bad news for those players who were hoping for Godfall to be easier on the wallet. Recently, with the advent of the PlayStation 5, many games have been seeing an increase in price.

With Godfall’s starting price coming in at $69.99, it appears that the upcoming RPG will be joining the trend as well.

Even though Godfall is one of the first titles announced for the next-gen console, there really isn’t a lot of information about the game since its initial trailer. As a matter of fact, it’s only recently that the developers decided to share some of the combat mechanics for the game.

Despite the fact that the title has been marketed as best as possible, it’s understandable that some fans are hesitant to purchase it since information regarding the game is scarce.


Another thing that puts Godfall in a negative light is the price point, even if the combat mechanics were truly impressive.

Only today, Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing revealed the pricing for the game, along with the launch of digital and physical pre-orders through different storefronts like Best Buy, GameStop, and the PlayStation Store.

Godfall will come at three prices, depending on the edition you want to get. The Standard Edition will cost $69.99, the Deluxe Edition for $89.99, and the Ascended Edition for $99.99.

If you pre-order Godfall for the PS5, you will be able to receive a Starter Pack that has in-game equipment that will help you kickstart your game. Specifically, you will be given the following:

  • Chrome Silvermane, Phoenix, and Greyhawk skin cosmetics;
  • Zer0’s sword from Borderlands;
  • A Red Valorplate skin for Typhon.

If you get the Deluxe Edition, you will be given exclusive “day-one” access to Godfall’s first DLC which is scheduled to be released this 2021. On the other hand, the Ascended Edition will include the DLC itself as well as in-game items that have a gold theme.

Although, it’s definitely understandable if you’re having second thoughts as to whether or not the Ascended Edition is worth it, given the fact that you will have to pay $100 for it.


That being said, some fans aren’t that surprised about the game’s pricing because earlier listings indicated that the upcoming title would be priced around that range. Now, the prices have been officially revealed and the game itself is open to pre-orders.

As mentioned, titles that are ported to the PS5 have increased in price, and some people have been speculating that Sony might be trying to keep the PS5 pricing uniform. This is definitely sad news for those consumers who were hoping that the console would have affordable games.

The next-gen price jump is something that a lot of fans don’t appreciate, but it’s also understandable why companies had to do it. After all, developers and publishers are spending more and more money in order to create high-quality games. As such, they also need players to fork over more cash if they want to recover the expenses.

This does make some people wonder if the price increase will ever reach a limit, or if companies will just keep increasing prices the more they decide to invest in their games.

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