It’s official: Google Bard now includes images in its responses. It is one of the features teased during the company’s I/O 2023 conference weeks, and Bard product lead Jack Krawczyk said it is now live.

Google is determined to dethrone Bing Chat by producing a more powerful chatbot. And while Bard’d initial entrance wasn’t so pleasing due to a factual error, Google is continuously beefing it up. One of the latest updates users can now try in the bot is the addition of images in its responses.

“Bard includes images in relevant responses and also when you specifically ask for them, starting with English,” announced Krawczyk. “In the coming weeks, Bard will be more visual. We’ll add support for more languages, ability to generate images, and prompt Bard with images using Google Lens.”

In the demo shown on Twitter, Bard can be seen using multiple images relevant to the user’s requests. And as noted by Krawczyk, the photos include links, allowing Bard to credit the sources.

The update follows the addition of other features and improvements in the chatbot in the past few weeks. Last week, Google enhanced Bard’s summarization capabilities and link source identification. And earlier this month, the company announced Japanese and Korean support for Bard, one-click options to export content, and the availability of a dark theme.

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