Google’s head of design for hardware products, Ivy Ross, recently revealed that the company scrapped an earlier foldable model. In the latest episode of the Made by Google podcast, “Pixel Perfect,” Ross shared how the team was able to realize that the project was not “good enough,” pushing the team to explore further to create the final Pixel Fold model codenamed “Felix.”

“I’m really proud of the team because there was another foldable model that we had created that we had the discipline to say, ‘nope, it’s not good enough yet,’ and really wait until we felt we could do something that was good enough or better than what was out there already,” said Ross. “So it’s really a testimony to the fact that we’re able to do that and recognize when something isn’t good enough.”

Ross didn’t share much about the revelation, and it is nothing surprisingly huge since earlier reports have already shared that the company had actually tested previous models of its foldable phone. To recall, it was reported that the company moved from testing a device codenamed “Passport” to one called “Pipit” using the original Google Tensor chip. Yet, despite the lack of new info, Ross’ words show Google’s confidence in the final model design, which is expected to compete with the current competitors in the foldable phone market, including Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series.

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