Google is as excited as Microsoft about using its AI creations to boost its ads business. In its Marketing Live event for advertisers, Google said it would start testing ads “directly integrated” into its conversational AI experience in Search using its Search Generative Experience (SGE). Even more, it wants to boost its automatically created assets (ACA) ad Search setting using generative AI to help further improve the relevance of Search ads.

Google ads within generative AI chatbot responses

In the coming months, expect that you’ll encounter ads in Google’s conversational AI experience in Search. Google showed this week how the ads would appear as additional parts of generated responses of its chatbot. According to the company, aside from answering the queries, the bot would also include some products and services that could further help users in their searches. Despite this, the company noted that ads will be marked as “Sponsored.”

Google also plans to use AI in future ad formats, which it believes will result in customized ads for users’ specific needs. “This is a really beautiful moment,” said VP and GM of Search Ads and Ads on Google Experiences Vidhya Srinivasan. “Because, at this point, we have a deeper understanding of what the user is really looking for. And then we have the opportunity to delight them in something that is just highly relevant.”

Google Search ad automatically created assets

Google’s use of AI goes beyond that. Aside from injecting ads in its conversational AI responses, it also plans to boost the ad power of its ACA setting. ACA was rolled out last year for Search ads. It works by using the details in the ad page’s landing page to generate headlines and descriptions that better suit the specific search phrases of the user. With this, the ads will appear more relevant to the customers. And by using more advanced technology like generative AI, Google hopes to make its creation more powerful and effective.

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