Google’s AI will power online travel agency’s new chatbot, which is reportedly designed to serve as an AI virtual travel agent. The bot is expected to arrive in the summer.

Google is now one of the leading AI competitors in the AI race, especially after it revealed a slew of its new AI creations during its I/O 2023 conference. With this, different companies are making partnerships with Google to take advantage of the search giant’s AI investments. This includes Wendy’s, which is testing its own bot capable of taking drive-thru orders. Priceline is also now joining the club by collaborating with Google to create a chatbot specializing in planning trips.

According to Reuters, the chatbot will aid customers by providing helpful suggestions and information when planning their trips and booking hotels. This will include hotel prices and special events set during the booking date in specific places. Aside from these things, the partnership is also expected to bring other benefits that will aid Priceline in its business, from generating coding suggestions for the company’s software developers to boosting Priceline’s destination trend marketing.

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