If there’s a game that can get your heart racing, it has to be “Grand Theft Auto,” also called “GTA.” Accomplishing missions, stealing cars, driving tanks, driving taxis, encountering the criminal world – there’s so much you can do in “Grand Theft Auto.”

Now, a new and upcoming game in the series is already in production, and rumors are circulating about what gamers can expect in it, such as the game taking place in Vice City (again) and characters allegedly aging. No, it’s not “The Sims.” Let’s dish out these details. 

Back in Vice City

A Twitter netizen, who reportedly goes by the username RockstarGTAVl, posted the leak showing the main character looking around the interior of a car. Then, the in-game camera positioned itself at an angle that revealed the background featuring the name of Vice City. Many fans concluded that this confirms “GTA VI” will see the return of Vice City, adding, though, that they are unsure whether it is the only city featured in the game or not. The Twitter account of the gameplay leaker has been suspended as of press time. 

So far, other leaks about “GTA VI” have revealed interiors of particular buildings like the nightclub and the overhauled police AI in action during a car chase, aside from leaks saying it is taking place in Vice City. 

The game’s world map has created a considerable amount of buzz among gamers and fans, as it is rumored to be expanding, as well as including many additional areas, not just Vice City. 

Previous games, “GTA: San Andreas,” in particular, featured several cities that cars can reach by crossing bridges to different islands, leading many to assume that the upcoming “GTA” game will also follow this setup.

Characters aging?

Aside from the rumors suggesting “GTA VI” will take place in Vice City, there are also speculations saying characters will age in the game. Exciting, right?

The other rumors are saying that “GTA VI” has already been in development for more than a decade (that’s long). Considering this, many gamers expect too much about the upcoming game, including the aging system. 

Speculations about the aging system were brought up by the same person who leaked about the game happening in Vice City. According to them, “GTA VI” characters will age as the game progresses. Furthermore, they will also exhibit hair and beard growth, something that is seen in another Rockstar game, “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

Other speculations about what “GTA VI” will offer include a narrative spanning multiple periods that will allow players to experience different eras within the game’s universe, the return of the beloved chainsaw, and an overhaul of the in-game police system that can potentially impact gameplay dynamics and strategies. 

“GTA VI” is reportedly launching between April 2024 and March 2025. Yes, it’s still a long way from now, but it will definitely be worth the wait. 

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