There are a few specific advanced SEO techniques that you should follow to ensure better SEO results and higher ranking in 2019. Right at the outset, you may think that advanced SEO is a complicated subject, however, if you really know how to go about it, you will find that it is really easy and highly productive.

Advanced SEO technique is all that boils down to the way in which Google values your posts and thinks what you actually want to provide to your customers. In order to facilitate that, all you will need to do is:

  • Be creative with your approach
  • Be specific with your content
  • Follow unique approaches to issues
  • Ensure providing better solutions and problem solving
  • Follow the best practices of the SEO industry and
  • Follow the right techniques to improve the SERP ranking of your site.

All these will ensure better SEO results which is an indispensable part of online business now unless of course, you plan to pay Google or any other social media sites like Instagram to buy Instagram likes and clicks.

Assuming that you know the basics of SEO that involves fundamental drills such as:

  • Keywords selection and usage
  • Backlinking to different sites and relevant web pages
  • Business listings and much more.

However, if you want to achieve better SEO results and achieve your business marketing goals in a much comprehensive way, you will need to follow this guideline to go deeper into the complex aspects of advanced search engine optimization. This will make your SEO efforts much easier and more result-oriented.

Search user intent

You will need to focus on search user intent more this year as well as those to come in order to achieve better SEO results. This will ensure that you satisfy the changes that search engine algorithms have gone through over the last decade. However, in spite of all these changes made in the algorithm, the goal has remained pretty much the same all through which is to provide the visitors with the best possible answers and solutions to their queries and issues.

These changes in the search engine algorithms done over time are to know how exactly users search. The search engines actually followed the user intent concept while making such changes. This enabled them to know the four specific categories that most of the searches fall into. These are:

  • Informational, wherein the users look for specific topics
  • Navigational, where the users want to navigate to a specific site
  • Transactional, wherein the users are interested in making a particular transaction such as ordering and buying a product or service and
  • Commercial, where the searchers are just shopping around with an intent to buy something later.

When you know about these four types of search intent, it will help you to optimize your content for specific searches. This will, in turn, help you to target your specific audience and feed them into your conversion and sales marketing funnel.

You can also use some customized features such as calls to action, internal linking structure, indexation, and crawling.

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Google’s CrUX report

You will also find it easy to achieve the desired SEO results when you leverage the CrUX report of Google, which is actually a change in the Real User Measurements or RUMs, based on CrUX data. This data will play a significant role in SEO and SERPs in 2019 as Google will be inclined towards using more of this “field data” rather than the “lab data.”

Handling this data will be a real challenge for the SEO professionals because when the industry will shift towards RUMs, the professionals will find it extremely difficult to the extent of being impossible to extract this data by using local tests.

However, the good news is that this CrUX report is available publicly and use it for different purpose such as:

  • Explore all relevant data
  • Know about the connection and device type
  • Measure the loading time of any specific web page and much more.

In order to use this data just like the way you should be, all that you need to have is a project in the Google Cloud Platform. This will allow you easy access to the public project page of CrUX. Do not be intimidated with the process to follow because you will only need some fundamental knowledge about SQL that will help you to extract the raw data from Google about your site and make the necessary changes in your strategy based on such data and information.

Obtain more SERP space

Observing the pattern in which Google has made changes in its front page, there is no prize for guessing the upcoming changes in the future in terms of SERPs. Experts say that there will be SERP tacks such as:

  • Ads
  • Local packs
  • Knowledge panels
  • Answer boxes and so on to make the list a long one.

Moreover, the organic search results are also changing constantly which has made things all the more difficult for the SEO professionals to keep up with the fast pace of such changes in the search engines and its algorithms.

Securing a foothold

Therefore, the question is how exactly you gain a foothold in this unbridled and ever-changing search landscape. Well, you can do this by:

Use featured snippets:

Featured snippets always had a high value in search results. To get a featured snippet all you have to do is:

  • Create better content with commonly used and high-ranking keywords for the specific questions that your audience wants to be answered
  • Format the content according to the snippets using it in the lists, paragraphs, tables, and others
  • Follow different formatting techniques according to the niche market depending on the success rate of each format and
  • Insert a FAQ page with answers on hot common topics in your specific business niche but using small paragraphs of text of about 40 to 60 words.

All these steps will help you to achieve high SEO results though nothing can guarantee a ticket to position zero. However, all these are worth giving a try.

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a social media marketing specialist who has worked with several startups, small businesses and helped them also launch effective campaigns to boost their overall online presence and visibility.

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