Indie Title Gurgamoth Only Costs $0.09 on the Nintendo Switch eShop

As we’re all aware, the video game industry has an abundance of titles, ranging from AAA games to homely indie ones. While many are fond of purchasing triple-A games, they’re not as affordable and as accessible as gamers want them to be.

As such, many have resorted to finding refuge in the comfort that can only be provided by indie games. Asides from the popular storefront Steam, the Nintendo eShop is another great place to find and purchase indie titles, as this digital store is fond of putting huge discounts on games semi-regularly.

As such, it’s the perfect place for indie lovers to go to if they want a new game to add to their library. A lot of individuals are familiar with the Nintendo eShop on the Switch for its vast collection of virtual games.

Especially during this time when COVID-19 is still rampant, people are still asked to stay home and quarantine. As such, it’s so convenient to have a virtual storefront where you can purchase Nintendo games – both new and old.


That being said, those gamers who want to take a breather from popular big-name titles will find that the Nintendo eShop is a treasure trove of indie games. Given the number of available games to choose from, it’s understandable that it might take a while to weed through the list of titles.

Thankfully, Nintendo’s frequent discounts help us with this, as their discounted prices alone are enough to make us want to check the game out. Such is the case for one indie title Gurgamoth.

Gurgamoth is a party game that can be played with your friends and family. There is only one goal here, and that’s to eliminate the other players by taking advantage of the numerous stage hazards.

The title’s premise is easy enough to understand, plus the developer has done a great job with its execution. Gurgamoth also features an adorable spooky yet goofy art style that no one will be able to resist.


The one thing that has really captured the attention of Switch players is its current discount. At the moment, Gurgamoth can be purchased for only $0.09. We know for certain that this discount will only be up for a limited time, although we don’t know for how long exactly.

Gurgamoth costs $10 on normal days, which means that the discount basically splits the amount by 100. That being said, the game only costs 9 cents and only takes up about 389 MB, so it’s really hard to find reasons not to give the game a try.

It’s actually not the first time that the Nintendo eShop has put a game on sale for less than $1. The last one was Flashback, which is a classic Nintendo title. In any case, these incredible discounts are good news for all the Switch users out there.

One factor that can make a person decide whether or not to buy a game is its price. If the price is too high, then there’s a higher chance that a gamer will turn away from it to avoid a wasted investment.

With discounted prices, smaller, less known titles will be put in the spotlight. Hopefully, Nintendo will do this for many other games in the future as well.

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