Halo Infinite gameplay reveal is now playable in Halo 5

Ducain23 a level creator says he spent 30 to 40 hours re-creating the Halo Infinite gameplay footage revealed at its Games Showcase last month by Microsoft. For those who want to check it out, download the level from Halo Waypoint and play it inside Halo 5: Forge.



The Halo Infinite gameplay centers on Master Chief the protagonist going through enemies with different weapons inside the Halo universe. It features a variety of familiar enemies, weapons, and vehicles all of which were used in the Ducain23 demo.

An announcement by Microsoft earlier this month stated that Halo Infinite had been pushed back from its expected holiday launch to 2021. Microsoft stated that a variety of factors are to blame, including how difficult and complex it is designing a video game in the middle of a pandemic. The tech giant didn’t, however, acknowledge the graphics concerns players had brought to light.


Even though Microsoft and 343 Industries pushed back the Halo Infinite launch to some time next year, players won’t necessarily need to wait to get a feel for the game thanks to the hard work and effort by one of the community members Ducain23.

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