Halo Infinite Reveals New Vehicle Skins and More New Armor

With Halo Infinite receiving a shocking delay a few months ago, fans found it perplexing how the postponed sequel’s marketing continued to be pushed by a few big brands. Monster Energy drink flaunted double XP codes for the upcoming sci-fi shooting game even though it will now be releasing next year, while Taco Bell advertised both Halo Infinite and Xbox Series X in a recent promo.

It appears the decision was chosen by 343 Industries to continue advertising Halo Infinite and offering special offers through specific brands thanks to the company releasing a new system on Halo Waypoint. The concept lets players bank the bonuses included in the packaging of a few of the game’s brand partners on a new system, with 343 Industries letting them access their growth of in-game freebies on release day.


Contained in these bankable bonuses are “coatings”, Halo Infinite’s own version of skins. While explaining in detail how coatings work within Halo Infinite’s world through a blog post, John Junyszek, 343 Industries’ community manager, boasted a few new examples of the coatings fans can anticipate renewing in the next few weeks.

First is the Red Shift Armor coating, which sports a spartan in silver, black, and red-painted armor. It will be available to all players who buy Xbox or Halo products from any GameStop branch between November 9th and December 13th.

The second featured skin is the Warthog with Azure vehicle coating, which reveals the first confirmed vehicle skin in Halo Infinite. The coating replaces the famous khaki green look of the turret-clad vehicle with a grey and dark blue finish.

halo-infinite-azure-warthog-6831402The blog post also features the black and green Monster Energy assault rifle and indigo Monarch spartan armor teased by the developers in a recent update that was released a couple of weeks ago. It’s certain that there will be more skins to be given away as Halo Infinite’s launch date comes closer than ever and the game starts to collaborate with more brands.

More on how coatings work, Christopher Blohm states that they are “a seven-layer shader” that can be inscribed onto vehicles, armor, and weapons. The development team believes the upcoming skins will promote player individuality and expression, making the game a more memorable experience when playing Halo Infinite’s campaign.

Junyszek added that the system is more similar to Halo Reach rather than Halo 5 Guardians, mentioning that it will offer better customization. It appears the studio is planning to make the most improved version of Halo’s iconic multiplayer to date, with its decision to enhance the cosmetic system already implying some huge improvements to the game’s prior online modes.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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