The rewards for Overwatch Competitive Season 3 are coming your way soon. Each season, according to Blizzard, should last around “two and a half months” making room for four competitive seasons a year.

It’s almost time for those two and a half months to end and the rewards for the third Overwatch competitive season shouldn’t come as a surprise — players will be receiving a Player Icon, Spray, and Competitive Points.

What’s more, players that enter into the Top 500 will be invited into the (unofficial) professional Overwatch Discord where they could have a chance to get signed by professional teams.

According to an image Metabomb ripped from the PTR, this season’s rewards are Volskaya themed.

overwatch competitive season 3 rewards

Competitive Points

Competitive Point rewards are tied to your seasonal rank, as was with Season 2, and you may spend them on golden weapon skins for whichever characters you choose. At the moment, golden weapons are the only reward you are able to spend points on. However, Overwatch’s Game Director Jeff Kaplan stated that they “would like to add some more rewards to the system.”

Unfortunately, the most dedicated competitive players may run into the competitive point cap:

“New items are not going to happen at all for Season 3. Probably not for Season 4 either. And if you’re active, you’ll hit that 6000cp cap before we add new stuff.”

For most players, a golden weapon will signify their main character as each one costs a hefty 3000 competitive points. Though if you’re a competitive Overwatch badass and have been finishing each season in the higher tiers of play, you may already have the golden weapons for your favorite characters.

If that’s the case you’ll likely be aiming to collect other characters’ golden guns you want to improve with or simply spending points so you aren’t constantly capped out.

In a competitive fashion, players are rewarded in higher increments for higher skill ratings. Bronze players should receive 100 points while Grandmaster players should be receiving 3000 points. Below is the reward distribution for Overwatch Competitive Season 2.

overwatch competitive season 3 rewards

The point gains may change at Blizzard’s discretion.

Seasonal Spray and Icon

Every player should receive a spray and icon themed around Volskaya as a reward for competing in Overwatch’s third season. The first competitive season rewards were designed around Ilios while the second season was Route 66-centric.

Season 4’s reward theme should be marked when the Overwatch team releases their official announcement to highlight the end of Season 3 and further changes to the mode.

In addition, players grinding into the Grandmaster ratings may want to push even harder before the season ends. Competitive players in the Top 500 will receive rewards unique to the powerful few.

Not only will the Top 500 Overwatch players receive the unique player icon, they’ll also be rewarded with an animated version of the Season 3 Spray. Below is an example of the first season’s animated Spray.

overwatch competitive season 3 rewards

Every season’s brought changes to Overwatch’s competitive game mode, from reworking the skill ratings after Season 1 to adjusting the effect of placement matches after Season 2 — the end of Season 3 should be no different.