For sure, you still have not gotten over yet with our previous “Hogwarts Legacy” story revealing details about the possible sequel. We couldn’t get over too! Read that story here. For now, let’s talk about the various endings of the game.

In games, endings can be the happiest – like in a fairy tale – or they could be bittersweet or a cliffhanger. If you’re an avid gamer, you know of the tear-jerking ending of “The Last of Us” or the rewarding ending of “Red Dead Redemption.” 

In the case of “Hogwarts Legacy,” they do it uniquely to give gamers the excitement they are looking for. There isn’t just one or two endings, but three different endings you can access. But how can you get all those endings in this game? You’ll find out in this guide. Spoilers ahead!

There Are 3 Endings In ‘Hogwarts Legacy’

Amazing, right? These endings, particularly, are the Good, Evil, and True Endings. However, only the Good and Evil endings are affected by your choices and actions in the game. The True ending is achievable regardless.

Let’s Start With The Good Ending

Both the game’s Good and Evil endings happen below Hogwarts. Controlling the game’s protagonist, you will need to race to the Repository beneath to reach the ancient magic fast, as you are racing against Ranrok, the main villain. Ranrok, not Voldemort, okay? Give Lord Voldemort a break.

Then, you will be in touch with Professor Eleazar Fig in this scene, alongside many other Hogwarts professors battling against the impending goblin invasion.

But later on, you and Fig will be separated from the group so that you can get to the Repository. There, it would be best if you made a crucial choice, which will ultimately decide what ending you’ll get. 

Fig will then tell you that your immense magical powers make you a contender to assume the role of Keeper over the reservoir. Then, he’ll ask you what you want to do with the magic it holds.

To get the Good ending, you must respond to Fig’s question with, “I intend to keep it contained here.” He’ll then agree before asking another question, which you should reply with, “I shall keep it secret forever.”

After that conversation, you will reach the Repository and confront Ranrok one last time. Ranrok will absorb the Repository’s powers and use them to turn him into a dragon-like creature. This creature is the game’s final boss. After your bout, you’ll be directed to the ending cutscene, where the Good ending will begin.

In this ending, you will struggle with Fig to contain the magic as the entire area shatters around you. You will succeed eventually.

Now For The Evil Ending

To get the Evil ending, we’ll rewind it to the moment Fig asks you what you wish to do with the ancient magic. You should reply with the option, “I intend to open it.” The professor will give a concerned look. There will be a warning, giving you another chance to get to the Good ending instead. What’s there in the Evil for you not to see, right? Oh, Professor Fig!

But you really want the Evil ending. Don’t hold back, so you should respond with either “This power should not be kept from the world” or “I want the power for myself.”

As opposed to what happens next in the Good ending scenes, you’ll be fighting Ranrok alone here. But, instead of Ranrok absorbing the magic, it will be you who will. Your eyes will glow red before turning you into a dark wizard or witch. And the Evil ending ends there. It’s a cliffhanger, really, but you know you’re the new villain.

The True Ending Is The Real Deal

You may already unlock the true ending if you have completed all of “Hogwarts Legacy’s” side quests. 

In this True ending, after the cutscene and the bout versus Ranrok, you will learn the truth behind and the origins of ancient magic. You will also realize that magic isn’t inherently good or evil. It could be used for good and for bad, depending on its user.

But there are requisites before you can see the True ending. You must complete the main story quest, The Final Repository; complete the side quest, Weasley’s Watchful Eye; and win the House Cup.

In the True ending, you will be awarded 100 points for beating Ranrok. Your House will also be the victor in the House Cup. How sweet. 

It’s Possible To Achieve All Endings In One Playthrough

That’s right. Do so by creating a separate file during that part when you have to choose what you want to do with ancient magic. The True ending can be accessed even post-game and is available after either the Good or Evil ending is achieved.

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