Hitman 3 Sapienza Bonus Mission Will Be Free For All

Hitman 3 has brought back an old free Sapienza quest that turns the city into the set of a modern superhero film, which is a good treat for fans. Agent 47 has been contracted by the film’s production company to kill its star because he is impossible to deal with and cannot be released from his contract.

After its release in January, Hitman 3 has received a slew of new material, both free and paying. The content has given players plenty of reasons to keep playing after finishing the extremely replayable missions, as well as allowing fans to take one more look at Agent 47 and his universe before IO Interactive fully shifts its focus to Bond.


The new Hitman 3 support from IO Interactive is a free Sapienza upgrade. Agent 47 returns to the Italian town in the new mission “The Icon” to assassinate Dino Bosco, a washed-up actor hoping that his new superhero film will help him resurrect his career.

As a result, he has demanded perfection from the script, causing it to go over budget, and the studio wishes him dead so they can’t get him out of his contract. From May 14 to May 23, all teams, including those with the free starter kit, will be able to participate in the mission for free.

After its release, Hitman 3 has been a big success, with massive sales and rave reviews. The smart tactic of releasing a combination of free and paid content, not only to owners of the complete game but also to players who picked up the free starter kit, is definitely still reaping rewards for IO. The creator has at least five more paying DLC packs in the works, which will actually keep the game going until the end of the year, which is an impressive amount of funding for a single-player game.

After IO completes this surge of funding, the series is scheduled to take a drastic break. According to speculation, the Hitman creator is working on a new IP for Xbox. The game is only in the early stages of production, and the studio seems to be mostly concentrating on James Bond for the next few years.

The squad isn’t sure where Hitman will go when it returns, but the plan is to do something different as the “World of Assassination” trilogy draws to a close for Agent 47. Of course, IO Interactive could opt to release additional levels for Hitman 3 at a later date, and it’s impossible that anybody will object.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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