Hitman 3 Season of Gluttony DLC Now Available

Hitman 3 is a very strong entry for 2021, having released much earlier in the year, and its regular upgrades and DLC rollout have made it even better with age. Yesterday, IO Interactive unveiled all of the new content, including Act 5: Gluttony, the next part of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC.

There’s a lot of material being added to Hitman 3 for Act 5, as there has been for all of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC, but it only lasts until September 27, so anyone interested in diving into the content should act quickly. Because the majority of the update doesn’t need purchasing the Seven Deadly Sins Collection, the Bangkok map will be available for free from September 9 to September 19.


For those who have acquired the Seven Deadly Sins Collection, the stuff accessible right now is mostly aesthetic. The Profligacy Suit, the Maximalist Shotgun, and the “Bubble Queen” Gum Pack are all included. Players may currently access the Gluttony Gobble, which is Act 5’s gluttony-themed primary quest. Agent 47 is tasked with locating particular food items cooked in precise ways in order to appease a massive golden pig.

The latest elusive targets in Hitman 3 will be released on September 3rd. The Procurers are “an odd duo” consisting of a world-famous chef and an embalmer who have teamed together to create some unfathomable meals. The Procurers will be active until September 13th. Following the Procurers, the Food Critic will be the next elusive target, coming in the game on September 17 and leaving on September 27.

ScreenRant has picked Act 5’s Featured Contracts, which will be introduced to the game on September 9 alongside the Bangkok map. The three new Featured Contracts may be located on the same map as the Gluttony Gobble in Chongqing. There won’t be much detail about them until they’re released to the game later this month, like with other Hitman 3 DLC Featured Contracts. On September 23, the Hitman community will introduce more highlighted contracts.

For the Season of Gluttony, that’s all that’s been added so far, but the Seven Deadly Sins DLC still has two more acts. According to previous Hitman 3 updates, the last two acts will be released before the end of the year.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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