Upon seeing that title, you might be singing “When Love Takes Over” by American singer Kelly Rowland, especially if you’re new to “Hogwarts Legacy.” But we can tell you Rowland Oakes is different from Kelly.

In “Hogwarts Legacy,” many side quests come from Hogwarts professors, such as those where players can learn new spells. However, there are also side quests that you can take from fellow students. Some are easy, and some are dangerous.

Crucial Characters You Need To Know About

Adelaide Oakes

Before you learn how to complete this quest, two characters here need your attention: Adelaide Oakes and, of course, Rowland Oakes.

Orphaned at a very young age, Adelaide was a Hogwarts student during the late 1800s, the time the game was set, and was part of the Hufflepuff House. Since her parents died, she was taken care of by her uncle, Rowland. 

Rowland Oakes

Rowland was a wizard who also worked as a metal trader. In his workplace, he decided to talk to Ranrok, the game’s antagonist, to resolve his issues. Though he had set up camp, he was eventually captured.

Adelaide, his niece, noticed she stopped receiving his letters since then, so she summoned a student to find his wand and free him. He then told Adelaide about his experience.

Those are everything you need to know about these two characters you’ll interact with during this side quest. Now, let’s head to the walkthrough.

Starting The Quest

Unlike other side quests in “Hogwarts Legacy,” finishing this takes a shorter time. To launch The Tale of Roland Oakes side quest, talk to Adelaide in the Transfiguration Courtyard. 

But remember, there are prerequisites before you can go ahead and fulfill this quest. 

  • You must be at least in level 10.
  • And, you have completed the main quest, The Helm of Urtkot.

The Map Solution

Once you are able to launch the quest, you will then be directed to a campsite that goblins overrun. You must defeat these goblins and pick up the clues left by Rowland. 

The map you have right now must point you to a small settlement located down the river to the west. It is called Korrow Ruins, but it’s easier to reach it as it has a Floo location associated.

If this is uncharted territory for you, you can check out the map below to find it. Simply fly to that area, but beware, as hordes of enemies will welcome you. Please take all of them down, then head inside the outpost and look for Rowland. 

Before giving back Rowland’s wand, you will need to take down more enemies. After which, your quest is now completed.


  • Converse with Adelaide Oakes
  • Head to Rowland Oakes in the campsite at The Forbidden Forest
  • Beat the goblins and look for the map.
  • Follow the map toward Korrow Ruins.
  • Battle your way through the outpost.
  • Finally, free Rowland. 

That’s everything you need to know to complete The Tale of Rowland Oakes side quest. He’s got a story to tell. Good luck!

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