Horizon Forbidden West Collector’s Edition Preorders Now Live

An in-depth trial of Horizon: Forbidden West was released earlier this year, giving fans their first taste of the game’s setting and gameplay. Guerrilla Games demonstrated many new concepts, including the shieldwing glider and the Valor Surge charge assault. In addition, Aloy will face new human and mechanical foes, such as the monstrous Tremortusk. However, the game’s exact release date was not announced at the time, leading many to speculate that it would be Sony’s major Christmas blockbuster for 2021.

As rumors of a postponement circulated, Guerrilla Games confirmed what many had suspected with a Gamescom 2021 statement. Horizon: Forbidden West would not be released in 2021 but rather in early 2022. While the delay will undoubtedly frustrate fans and leave a significant vacuum in Sony’s Christmas schedule for 2021, the additional time will allow Sony and Guerrilla to build a variety of alternative versions of the game.

Bo de Vries, Guerrilla Games’ community lead, unveiled four new variants of Horizon: Forbidden West in a new blog post for those who want a little more from the forthcoming open-world action game. Players may acquire the Nora Legacy Outfit and Spear for use in the game for either print or digital edition now that pre-orders are available globally.

The Digital Deluxe Edition provides access to both the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game, thus Guerrilla recommends it to those who desire both. It includes the following items in addition to the game:


  • Carja Behemoth Elite and Nora Thunder Elite outfits
  • Carja Behemoth Short Bow and Nora Thunder Sling weapons
  • In-game Resources Pack full of ammunition, potions, and more
  • In-game Apex Clawstrider Machine Strike Piece, which is used when playing Strike, a board game inhabitants of the world play similar to Orlog in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Gwent in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  • Exclusive Photo Mode pose and face paint
  • Digital Art Book and Soundtrack
  • Digital version of The Sunhawk, the first Horizon: Zero Dawn graphic novel.

The Special Edition comes with the game, as well as a tiny art book, a digital soundtrack, and a Steelbook for physical copies of the game. This one costs $10 more than the standard edition.


The Collector’s Edition includes a big mix of digital and physical goods for those who want a little extra from the game. This is a limited edition variant that costs $199.99. Aside from the complete PS4 and PS5 versions of the game, gamers will receive:


  • Steelbook case
  • A custom sculpted Tremortusk and Aloy statue, which will require some assembly.
  • A mini art book
  • The entire Deluxe Edition content

While many games would end there, Guerrilla and Sony have produced a special edition for the most ardent fans. The Regalla Edition costs $259.99 and is available in limited quantities once again. The Regalla Edition, which includes both a PS4 and PS5 version of the game, adds a twist to the preceding Collector’s Edition:


  • SteelBook Display Case
  • A Regalla-themed, custom sculpted Tremortusk and Aloy statue
  • Replica Focus and custom stand
  • 2 Art Print Cards
  • Replica Sunwing and Clawstrider Machine Physical Strike Pieces
  • Mini art book
  • Canvas Map
  • Deluxe Edition Contents

While the wait may be painful for fans, Guerrilla has announced a PS5 update for Horizon: Zero Dawn to help ease the pain. While not a genuine PS5 version, the game will get a 60FPS increase, which will solve the PS4’s restricted 30FPS.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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