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Large companies have their own DC infrastructures. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and others settle huge facilities for powering their businesses. Such infrastructures take entire buildings located on hundreds of hectares. For example, a Google data center totals 2.5 million servers, and several hundred big 48U racks (more than 500 pieces) are required to accommodate such a large number of network equipment.

Server racks come as an indispensable element of setting up an IT infrastructure. It’s impossible to accommodate millions of network components without specialized multi-tier furniture with designed slots and fasteners. Sysracks offers high-quality, durable data center server racks for any size of the facility. Different models are available so clients can pick suitable products for any demand. Managers consult on appropriate racks for each case when customers search for suitable products.

Below, we’re going to consider what company has the most servers and outline the most impressive figures. So, you’ll be impressed with what size DCs can achieve.

TOP Companies and Their Record Numbers of Servers

Let’s start by noting who has the most servers in the world. Here’s a top rating of the leading infrastructures according to the number of enrolled serves in the system management domain:

  1. Google (2,5 million).
  2. YouTube (around 2 million).
  3. Microsoft (1 million).
  4. Facebook (700,000).
  5. Amazon (450,000).
  6. Yahoo (100,000).
  7. Intel (75,000)
  8. eBay (54,000).
  9. Netflix (35,000).

Figures prove that large companies have huge infrastructures and require a lot of space for DC settling. Below, let’s have a deeper look at the most famous businesses.

Key Facts about the Largest World DCs

The listed companies are well-known to everyone since we use their capabilities daily. However, you don’t realize the scale of their performance and size. So, here are the businesses with the largest DC facilities:

  1. Google. First of all, let’s answer the question “how many data centers does Google have”. The total number of DCs belonging to the world corporation is 16. Infrastructures are scattered around the world. When taken together, DCs consume 260 million watts of power.
  2. Facebook. The world-known social network has several own-developed server farms. So, answering the question of how many servers does Facebook have, its number reaches 700,000 pieces. They are accommodated in 500 racks that occupy 62,000 square feet. Each rack consumes 2 Kilowatts of power and is capable of holding 2TB of datum. These capabilities allow for storing 7PB of photo content. So, now you know the explanation of the question, “how many data centers does Facebook have”.
  3. Amazon. Providing the answer to the question “how many servers does amazon have”, note that their number totals 450,000 components. They are located in 7 DCs located worldwide. The company pays particular attention to cloud storage, dedicating 40,000 servers to this part of the infrastructure.
  4. Microsoft. Have you ever posed the question, “how many servers does Microsoft have”? The current number of functioning serves totals 1 million. They are scattered around multiple DC infrastructures worldwide. In total, Microsoft DCs cover a territory of 500,000 ft. The audience totals 1 billion users so its operation capacity is big.

Other corporations also have large DC facilities that provide online services and host subsidiary platforms.

List of the World’s largest DCs

While we answered the question “how much storage does Google servers have”, we also list the most powerful and influential infrastructures around the world.

  1. Digital realty is a Chicago-based DC that has 54 generators and occupies 1.1 million sq ft. It is used for processing and storing digital information and simplifying online processes.
  2. Quality technology is a large DC housed in Atlanta. 990,000 sq feet is provided to accommodate the facility. It requires 80 megawatts of energy to perform effectively at full strength.
  3. Terre mark is home to 18 networks that rent its capabilities. The DC was constructed back in 2001.
  4. Microsoft Chicago is a full-scale facility that occupies 700,000 sq ft. Its capacity totals 224,390 servers that are used to store datum, process documents, and cope with other business processes.
  5. Microsoft Dublin comes as an excellent example of a green-powered facility. The DC does not require cooling towers for smooth, continuous operation and uses just 1% of liquid for cooling.
  6. I/o data center is another alternative to standard high-power-consuming DCs. This facility uses renewable power sources, such as solar energy to power the system. About 4,5 Megawatts of every are generated via these eco-friendly systems.
  7. DuPont Fabros is a modern infrastructure that occupies 485,000 sq ft and produces 32.2 Megawatts of energy.
  8. Microsoft Washington is another big facility that takes 470,000 sq feet. It mainly operates using liquid cooling. However, a significant advantage of this DC is that water is further channelized.
  9. Switch Communications is a young 5-year-old facility located in Las Vegas. Its territory totals 470,000 sq ft. It’s capable of accommodating 7K packs of servers and generating 250 megawatts of capacity.


How many servers are there in the world?

The number of servers within one infrastructure depends on its size, capacity, and processing demands. Thus, facilities differ greatly. According to some sources, there are about 100 million servers that are currently being used all around the world. The largest Google infrastructure totals 2,5 million serves. So, here’s an answer on how many server farms Google has.

How many servers does Youtube have?

YouTube is a popular video hosting. So, it should provide high capacities to be able to store video content. Over 2 million servers work to process and store videos.

What is the largest data center in the world by megawatts?

The largest data center in the world by megawatts is the Inner Mongolia Information Park, owned by China Telecom. According to some data, this data center consumes over 150 megawatts of power, using a combination of altitude, hydroelectric, and thermal power to support its extensive usage.

To sum up, note that the DC size ranges greatly from small compact desktop systems to huge infrastructures with their own buildings. Each customer selects a suitable rack for his demand. However, such facilities consume a lot of power and natural resources, which is why activists seek ways to reduce consumption and put the industry on a greener path.

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