Venezuela. A country along the northern coast of South America with a population of 32 million.

Life is not good in Venezuela as it is stuck in a tornado of dreadful acts such as a discontent towards the political parties which is developing a hatred atmosphere within the country, causing depression and even suicide to its residents each year. Hyperinflation is another very large issue in the country as it devalues the currency, making it difficult to make purchases for everyone.

There are also constant power cuts in Venezuela, this stops people’s businesses temporarily, stops people from using their computers and as the lights cut out, it actually encourages some people to steal from other people making the country more corrupt and unsafe. It is very difficult to survive as a healthy individual in Venezuela as it is even difficult to be able to afford decent food and health products.

Overall, Venezuelans are not living as freely and happily as others around the world.

What is Runescape?

Runescape is a popular MMORPG released on the 4th of January 2001. It is a game many people played as young children and is still up and running very well even today. The game involves training skills such as mining or woodcutting, meeting new people, and making new friends.

There are even fun and exciting bosses to slay in Runescape, which drop loot that you can sell for OSRS Gold. OSRS Gold is the in-game currency used to buy and sell items. People can also buy/sell gold for real money. There is even another game variation of Runescape known as “Old school Runescape” which has a very solid player base averaging around 100k players every day.

Runescape even has its own mobile app which is linked with your actual Runescape account. This means that you can play on your computer and carry on exactly where you left off on your mobile phone.

There are several game modes within Runescape and Old school Runescape; Regular, Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, and Ultimate Ironman. Each has the unique pathways that alter the game for players making it more challenging and more entertaining to play. Regular mode is what people typically start with when they are new. It has no restrictions. Ironman mode restricts you from trading with other players or using the in-game market place known as the ‘Grand Exchange’.

Hardcore Ironman mode is the same however you only have one life, meaning that if you die, your place on the leader boards will be locked and you must continue as a regular Ironman. Ultimate Ironman is considered the most challenging of them all as you have all the restrictions as an Ironman; however, you cannot use the bank to deposit your items. This tests your scarcity skills and knowledge of efficiently using your items.

What is “Gold Farming” on Runescape?

Gold farming is a term used across many games online. It involves the act of making mass amounts of in-game currency of an MMO game and then selling it for a real-world profit. This is extremely popular within less developed countries such as Venezuela as it is a very profitable method of making money.

In almost all games, this is completely against the Terms of Service and companies will not hesitate to ban or lock players’ accounts if they are caught doing this. It is also pretty common amongst the younger generation as they have the urge to receive and spend money but cannot work. This is the reason why they turn to play the game for a little extra money.

In Venezuela, it is said that 50% of the younger generation are using Runescape to gold farm and it is clear to see why.

How Venezuelans are Gold farming

There are thousands of methods in Runescape and Old school Runescape in which Venezuelans are using to Gold farm. One of the most popular methods in the game is through killing monsters for loot.

Green Dragons are a monster in Runescape that can provide a player a good amount of consistent in-game gold through its loot drops. It drops two items every time guaranteed. Dragon bones and Green Dragonhide. These can be sold on the in-game market place, the Grand Exchange for a total of around 4500 gold pieces.

These gold pieces can be sold on many third-party sites for around $0.02 – $0.03 just from a single Green dragon kill. Players can kill one of these dragons every couple of seconds. Venezuelans doing this can allow them to earn a lot of real money every day. It may not seem like a lot in developed countries such as the US or the UK however in Venezuela it is considered better pay than what doctors receive, which is a big thing.

There are also other profitable activities players can do in the game to earn a lot more money. As they gain better skill levels in the game, they can kill stronger monsters which drop even more expensive loot allowing them to earn more.

How do they sell the gold?

Once a person has earned enough in-game gold and they have made the decision to now sell it. There are many third-party websites, which provide the service of exchanging your Runescape gold for real money.

This is done by contacting one of these services and then choosing how much Runescape gold you want to sell and what payment method you would like. Some of the more common options are PayPal or Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

The service will then give you a location within Runescape to go to and a character name to trade your gold to. Once this process is complete, the service will send you your money via the payment option you have chosen. This is how people are making real-life money from the basic MMORPG, Runescape.

How Runescape gold is changing Venezuelan’s lives

In Venezuela, once a person has sold their Runescape gold and received their payment. They can live their life a lot better than if they were to be working at a local job in their country.

The pay from jobs in Venezuela is horrible and does not even compare to how much they are making through selling Runescape gold.

With all this money, it can have a very great, positive impact on a Venezuelan life. Being able to afford the rent, bills, food, medicine, clothes and all the other essentials in life will no longer be a burden. Even after the essentials are paid, there will still be a lot of money left over, allowing people to spend on luxury goods and have extra fun in life.

The fact that some people in Venezuela can afford good medicine and save their life solely because of playing Runescape truly shows how far technology and gaming have come. People can even put themselves or their children through good education allowing them to become knowledgeable individuals. This impacts Venezuela’s HDI as a whole just from Runescape.

Is it right or wrong to sell RS gold?

It is very clear and understandable that gold farming and selling gold is wrong. It breaks Terms of Service and can even ruin the game’s economy through crashing item prices due to the mass increase in the number of items.

However, it is single-handedly saving the lives of individuals in Venezuela. Is this not far greater and more meaningful than a fluctuation in the price of a virtual item of a game?

This will always be a continuous argument and controversy between people however it will most likely never stop people from doing it.

The truth is, there will always be gold farms and people will get angry over that fact. But there is nothing you can do except look at the bright side and acknowledge that Runescape is saving people in Venezuela and all over the world.