A Support Healer is a traditional MMO archetype that excels in leveling and end-game in New World. Its build is one of the finest in the New World, both for leveling and running end-game PVP and Expeditions. It also utilizes the Life Staff and Ice Gauntlet for AoE healing, sustains, and CC. As a healer, you may also use the Sword to solo level.

An efficient support build may help you level up your character quickly, so this guide explains how to utilize it successfully to get through your masteries and attributes. It will also give a few modifications to the construction to experiment with your playstyles.

Classic Support Build In New World

Life Staff and Ice Gauntlet are the primary emphases of this build. With this combo, it might be difficult to level up at first, but it should be a potent healer after you get to Expeditions and beyond.

Using the mastery tree photos provided by New World fans as a point of reference, you can experiment with your constructions there. You can also make use of boosting services, such as those offered by Wow Classic Boosting Services to ensure that your gaming experience is at the ideal level.

Greatest Mastery for the Life Staff

The Life Staff is your primary source of healing and assistance. You should place a premium on the following three capabilities:

Sacred Ground

This is one of the most powerful AoE healing resources at your command. Starting with level one, you get the ability to generate an area that heals for 20% of weapon damage every second for 15 seconds and does not move. Holy Ground increases mana and health regeneration by 100% when under the Sacred Ground’s aura, and then Blessed are the next levels where all allies get an extra 50% buff to all incoming healing.

Is Sacred Ground a one-time thing? This is true if you’re doing an Expedition alone since it might be difficult for your companions to stay within your healing aura. Given the abundance of Bow/Rapier kiters, this skill will be less effective in PVP than it would be in solo.

It’s possible to solo-level using Sacred Ground, but you’ll have to keep your position within its sphere of influence. Large numbers of foes may overwhelm you and knock you out of the area, making it impossible to fight them.

Orb Of Protection

An excellent way to do both harm and heal with the Life Staff, it’s one of your most potent tools in the toolbox. Using this on an adversary will deliver up to 146% weapon damage, provide friends with Fortify, and heal them.

Mastery should be your main priority. Mastery growth in Aegis gives more AoE healing, which is beneficial if you often participate in Expeditions or PVP, but less effective for solo levelers.

The third ability allows you to choose between Light’s Embrace and Beacon.

The Embrace of light

Light’s Embrace is a focused healing ability that will provide most of your healing and support needs while in combat. It begins with Inspire, which increases the stamina of your buddy, and ends with Connection, which aids you in recharging your mana.

When not using an Ice Gauntlet, the best way to boost mana regeneration is using Light’s Embrace. This mastery tree is unnecessary in solo play, but it is extremely valuable in team fighting.


The power of Beacon is unmatched in this game. An advantage in large-scale PvE, such as Portals and Elite runs, is that this heals everyone in the area instead of just one person. Make sure you’re aware of the threat scaling. If the tank is not pulling their taunts, healing many allies with this can force a large number of adds to aggro on you.

New World healers should consider the Life Staff as their primary tool of choice. However, if you plan to work in both PvP and PvE with this weapon, several important considerations are to consider:

Personality Traits

There are a few things to keep in mind while you’re choosing your Life Staff. While it’s simple to put all your points into Focus, since this is the only stat that actively boosts the weapon’s power, you’ll want to keep things interesting by experimenting with other stats.

Focus should invest in attribute points, which may be level up to 300 to boost healing power and mana consumption significantly. If you want to play at a higher level, you may consider using a boosting service to help you get there.

As well as your Focus, you’ll need to have at least 200 constitutions. During PvP encounters, when the healer is immediately targeted, this will give much-needed endurance that will be highly useful.

Second Weapon and Armor

Debuffs are the most important consideration when partnering with the Life Staff, even with various options. As a result, the Ice Gauntlett is a fantastic partner.

A variety of slows may be used with the Ice Gauntlet to prepare for incoming strikes in both PvP and Expeditions. The Ice Gauntlet’s Entombed ability will allow you to freeze yourself into a bed of ice, allowing you to avoid some potentially life-threatening circumstances.

Weapon Mastery

The Life Staff gives you access to three critical skills from both the Healing and Protector skill trees.

Divine Embrace is a must-have at the beginning of your journey. Burst Healing is a vital tool for dealing with enemy attacks, and it will be the one you utilize the most often. With the Privilege passive and Shared Struggle active, you’ll be able to increase the skill’s mana efficiency and heal many targets at once.

In addition to healing your companions, Orb of Protection will also provide them a defense boost, making this the next most important ability to acquire. Besides being a useful defensive tool, this is one of the few harmful skills in the Life Staff healing tree. If you wish to improve its healing abilities, you’ll need the Protector’s Blessing passive.

Beacon, the Life Staff’s most potent healing ability, is the final crucial ability in this build. While buffed, you’ll want to use all of the passive upgrades that are accessible to you to increase its size and the speed of its teammates. You can utilize this to harm your opponents.

You’ll want to choose several stand-alone passives to help you heal and manage your mana more effectively.

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