How To Find A Phone Location By Cellphone Number

Everyone has their own motives for using a cell phone number to track down someone’s location. Parents may wish to learn their children’s approximate whereabouts in order to assure their safety. Tracking their spouse’s location provides peace of mind and sanity to married couples who suspect cheating. Some employers may want to use this strategy from time to time to ensure that their staff are performing their duties on the job. Regardless of the reason, today’s advanced digital technology allows you the capacity and flexibility to find your close friends in a variety of ways.

If you want to learn how it works, be sure you have everything you need. These successful approaches demonstrate that locating someone’s whereabouts using their cell phone number is not as difficult as it may appear.

Can I Track Someone Via Their Number?

There are a plethora of free number lookup services available on the internet and even in your app stores, believe it or not. Is it, however, truly effective? Some claim to be beneficial, while others may be a fraud.

However, if you believe that tracking people using a random website that comes up in your search engine will provide you with an accurate result, you are mistaken. Though you may occasionally obtain exactly what you want, we do not advocate it. Some of these rogue websites are really deceptive, and you may find yourself exposing your personal information on the internet as a result.

The best way to find a phone number is to use a reputable third-party app or website. We’ve picked some of the most effective and dependable phone number tracking software out of the many available. Then you can quickly look up a cell phone number.

  1. Native Phone Locator

The simplest method is to use your computer’s or mobile device’s built-in tracking software. Not only are these tools easy to use and convenient, but some of them are also free. When your phone is lost or stolen, both Android and iOS smartphones have their own native device locator apps. You can, however, use them to find out where your loved ones are.

Find My Device ( Android)


You may use Find My Device to track a phone from afar. It’s a feature of Google Play Protect that protects your phone against dangerous apps and illegal access. It does, however, require Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later to run.

The following are the steps to download the application:

  • Go to the Google Play Store and type in “Find My Device.”
  • Install the first search result by tapping on it.
  • After you’ve installed the app, sign in to Find My Device with the Google account you want to use.
  • Allow the app to access your location. Ascertain that your phone is linked to the internet.
  • Finally, you can track your phone remotely and use other functions like locking and wiping your phone’s data.

If you’re looking for someone in a confined space, you’ll need to use Indoor Maps to get the most accurate results. Users can also successfully wipe or lock the device with customized messages and numbers on the mobile lock screen.

Find My iPhone (iOS)


Find My iPhone is identical to Find My Device in terms of functionality. It works wonderfully for iPhone users instead of Android users. As long as the phone is linked to the internet, you can trace its whereabouts and even lock or erase its contents.

The main difference is that the Find my iPhone feature is already incorporated into iOS and does not require a download from the App Store.

Activate the app by following these steps:

  • Go to the preferences menu.
  • At the top of the page, tap your name and Apple ID.
  • iCloud should be selected.
  • Toggle the switch to enable Find My iPhone.
  • You can now track your phone from any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch via or by entering in with your iCloud ID.


  1. Download Spyera


Spyera is a spy program that also doubles as a phone number tracker, allowing you to follow someone’s position using their phone number. It allows you to remotely monitor people’s phone actions or protect your children’s devices from harmful online activity. It can also be used with Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, and Mac OS.

  • Spyera can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Purchase a license for the app on the company’s official website.
  • Install the app on the phone you want to spy on.
  • Track your target’s whereabouts with the Spyera web panel.

Spyera employs GPS on the target’s device to obtain the data and sends it to your web panel. If the target’s device does not have GPS, the application will gather the information and send it to the web panel over a Wi-Fi connection. Both Android and iOS versions of Spyera are available.


  1. IMEI Tracker

Everyone can do IMEI tracking because it is simple and convenient. International Mobile Station Equipment Identity is abbreviated as IMEI. And you can accomplish a lot with it because to its unique 15-digit number. One of them is locating a misplaced or stolen phone.


How to Find the IMEI of a Phone

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Then select General, then About.
  • Scroll down to see your IMEI and take note of it.

Alternatively, you can simply dial *#06# on your phone, regardless of the model.

How to Track a Phone Using the IMEI

Option 1: You may track the phone through your cell phone company. All you have to do is provide them with the IMEI number and let them handle the rest. Depending on the company’s advice, you may have to wait a few hours or days.

Option 2: Use a browser to access a web-based IMEI tracker or download an IMEI tracker software from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store (no download needed).


  1. Caller ID Name


CNAM lookup tools on the web are another excellent way to find someone’s location using a cell phone number. The CNAM lookup function allows you to determine the location of a caller. It also reveals all pertinent information, such as the owner’s identity, the precise city, and the states in which a person resides. The disadvantage is that you must pay a little price before you can view the information.

This strategy could have two disadvantages:

  • A CNAM blocker is a substance that prevents the formation of CNAM. The call will not be identified if the person you’re looking for has a CNAM blocker, which hides the caller’s identity and phone number.
  • A call made by a robot. Unknown calls do not display any information about the caller.


  1. Search WhitePages

Whitepages is one of your last options for finding what you’re looking for. You can use this option if you don’t need to know a person’s current location and just want to know their current address. You can quickly track down someone’s home address associated with a phone number by putting it into Whitepages.

It works by using a phone number to track down a person’s profile and finally disclose personal information in a more safe and legal manner. However, one thing to keep in mind, especially if you’re in the United States, is that this service is linked to the SS7 network. That is, when you make a query, it will be sent to SS7 networks, which will contain all of the information recorded against the number.

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