When you search for an online envelope store, the results might leave you even more confused. From window envelopes to colored paper envelopes, there is a wide range to choose from.

No matter the dimensions, project, design, or color of the envelope, you are still bound to get baffled.

Here is a quick guide on how to find the best envelopes online based on your purpose.

Business Envelopes

For any business-related correspondence like mailing the invoice, official proposal, and other communication, then business envelopes are a must for your organization. There are different sizes of business envelopes like the #10 regular envelope is called the legal size and they can hold 8½×11 folded sheets, perfectly. There are clear plastic windows on some to show the recipient’s address. Some have security tinted windows for protecting sensitive information like phone numbers, account numbers, etc. These envelopes available in many styles and sizes are ideal for all business communication.

Mini Envelopes

Are you looking for the perfect envelope for gifts? Mini envelopes have the charm that can make your small gifting items more attractive. From shipping gift cards to tiny greeting cards and personal notes, the #17 and #1 are very common. There are coin envelopes too. Available in sizes like 2¼×3½ and a variety of colors, these envelopes are ideal for stones, keys, jewelry, and holiday wishes.

Invitation Envelopes

Your invitations deserve to be bold and stand apart, right with personalized, gorgeous envelopes. You can find a large variety of invitation envelopes in sizes like 5¼×7¼, which are the best for A7 cards. There are different square and flat contoured flaps to give a more modern and sleek design. You can also get some in foil and silver lining design for a perfect presentation to your invites.

Square Envelopes

A unique design for envelopes, the square ones are trendy and appealing, featuring a lot of colors, sizes, flap styles, etc. The square body gives a finished and balanced look with its symmetrical design. With diverse patterns and contoured decoration, they are ideal for all purposes, from wedding invitations to gala and other celebration invites.

Specialty Envelopes

Every special occasion requires a special covering too. Sometimes it can be hard to find, but with websites like best buy envelopes, your search has finally come to an end. You can get an extensive collection of special envelopes for tickets, cards, memorable, airmail, and even currency. There are envelopes made of sturdy material too, for carrying small metal pieces or other tokens.