How to Finish The Scour The Rust Iron Banner Quest In Destiny 2

The last installment of Shadowkeep’s Season of the Undying, The Iron Banner, is now available in Destiny 2’s Crucible. The Iron Banner functions just as it did earlier in the season, with Power-enabled PvP fighting that rewards you for using your best gear and bounties that net you Pinnacle rewards to help you get your gear up to the 960 Power limit.

The Iron Banner’s unique armor and weapons are only available before the weekly reset, so this is your last chance to start (or finish) the Scour the Rust quest and win the Iron Banner’s unique armor and weapons this season.

The procedure for possessing arms and armor in Season 8’s Iron Banner differs from what we saw last season. You must complete the Scour the Rust seasonal quest in order to obtain this season’s collection of Iron Banner armor. Here’s what the search entails—just be mindful that the final step has a bug.


Bungie also revealed a change to the Scour the Rust search on Twitter. An error caused the last step of the search to require 10 submachine gun kills for the first two days of Iron Banner earlier this season, even though the step stated that it needed 10 Super kills.

Bungie has set the final stage of the search to auto-complete as a result of the malfunction, making it a little easier to get the Iron Banner armor during the first case of Shadowkeep.

You’ll see the first group of three goals when you pick up the search. If you’ve completed all of these, you’ll be able to move on to the next section of the six-part search. You can see all that this means below, thanks to data mined information from, but be mindful that one of the final steps is broken—as mentioned below and on Bungie’s Twitter account, the move you must complete is not the same as what you’re told to do in-game.


Fortunately, some of the moves can be monitored right before you get to that stage of the chase, which should help speed things up. After completing each stage, you’ll be instantly advanced to the next, earning you a reward—no need to return to Saladin, at least until the very last portion.

Visit Lord Saladin in the Tower to begin the search, and take the Spectacle seasonal pursuit from his inventory.


  • Capture ten zones
  • Defeat thirty enemies
  • Get three final blows with Supers

The quest’s first move isn’t very challenging, and most players will complete it in a few games. The players can then move on to the Purpose stage after they have completed the previous steps.


  • Finish six Iron Banner matches
  • Capture twenty zones
  • Finish 25 final blows with pulse rifles

The zones in this stage expand on the 10 zones captured in the Spectacle step of the search, so players would only need to catch 10 more zones to reach a total of 20 zones captured.



  • Use fusion rifles to score twenty final blows.
  • Capture thirty zones
  • Kill 100 enemies

To repeat, the zones won, and enemies conquered portions of this quest will help advance the bar on the tasks that players have already begun in previous steps and count progress achieved.


  • Get fifteen final blows using submachine guns
  • Get fifteen final blows with Supers
  • Capture forty zones


  • Capture fifty zones
  • Finish fifteen matches
  • Get ten final blows with grenade launcher submachine guns

This quest’s Conviction stage is currently broken, and grenade launchers can not advance the step. Players can instead get final blows with submachine guns here due to a malfunction.


  • Return to Lord Saladin

Finally, players can return to Lord Saladin to complete the quest and begin earning more arms and armor from the Iron Banner loot pool by handing in tokens. This quest is still persistent during Season 8, so players can work on it at any time during the Iron Banner case. The search will remain active until the end of the week.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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