It wasn’t long ago that Apple released the latest upgrade for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod after a refinement phase of beta testing. People had high hopes regarding the latest iOS 14 upgrade, but disappointingly enough, it brought with itself numerous issues.

Common iOS Upgradtaion Problems

Users reported a number of problems that followed the software upgradation. Some of the most commonly reported issues are as listed below:

Failed Update

The failed update of newly launched software occurred due to an extraordinary rush in traffic, which caused the updates to be unsuccessful. Users had to run the upgrades several times before finally having their iPhone updated. There were also users who couldn’t upgrade their iPhone to iOS 14 successfully.

Swift Battery Drain

Many individuals faced this issue. A complaint was proposed where the user mentioned that battery was draining faster after the update. This could be a problem with the system. However, the usage patterns may have a role to play in it too.

Connectivity with Wi-Fi

Problematic issues with Wi-Fi connectivity were also witnessed, including slow connection, dropping out of Wi-Fi, and inability to connect with it.

Other than these, a list of problems was detected which aren’t solved yet. If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod faces any upgrade-related issues, it’s best if you find a promising solution. You can’t keep yourself deprived of the perks of the latest iOS version. So, what is it that can help you through iOS 14 upgrade-related issues swiftly? One full-proof solution is AnyFix.

AnyFix- A Solution To All Your Problems

AnyFix is a one-stop solution for all system issues with iOS upgradation. It can fix 100 plus iOS problems, which is one of the most impressive features of AnyFix. AnyFix covers all the issues concerning the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV.

Some of the many iOS-related issues that AnyFix can fix for you have been listed below:

Issues of iPhone

  • iPhone stuck while backing up
  • iPhone stuck during recovery
  • iPhone is having difficulties with charging screen
  • iPhone stuck on the lock screen
  • iPhone stuck while loading screen
  • iPhone stuck while searching
  • iPhone stuck during resetting
  • iPhone caught in the middle of verifying Apple iCloud address
  • iPhone can’t reset or won’t turn off
  • iPhone in a frozen state or won’t restart
  • iPhone is frequently restarting
  • iPhone stuck while displaying install now
  • iPhone jammed volume buttons
  • iPhone is stated as disabled
  • Other intricate iPhone issues

Issues Related To iPad

  • iPad is caught in a disabled or land screen mode
  • iPad sticks in the kiosk, sleep, or portrait mode
  • iPad jammed during application updates
  • iPad stuck on hello or lock screen
  • iPad cannot charge or update
  • iPad is not able to synchronize with iTunes
  • iPad won’t rotate or turn on
  • An error of activation is displayed on the iPad
  • Verification failed status on iPad
  • iPad is not able to receive mail
  • iPad is not able to turn off
  • iPad can’t restart
  • iPad boot loop
  • iPad jammed on headphones mode
  • iPad stuck on a split-screen
  • iPad can’t choose a Wi-Fi network
  • Another glitch concerning iPad

Problems with iPod

  • iPod touch not able to function
  • iPod jammed in recovery mode
  • iPod stuck on the logo of Apple
  • iPod caught up in between while stating OK to disconnect
  • iPod is not able to charge appropriately
  • It was the flashing of the Apple logo on the iPod
  • iPod is not able to connect with the iTunes server
  • The iPod touch not able to turn on or off
  • iPod touch is stuck on shuffle
  • iPod is not able to connect to headphones mode
  • Other setbacks with the iPod touch system

Apple TV System Glitches

  • Apple TV jammed during the conference
  • Apple TV is stuck on the airplay display
  • Apple TV can’t be able to set a date and time settings
  • Apple TV can’t be able to sign in or update the screen
  • Apple TV is not able to select the language
  • The Apple TV feature of 4K won’t be able to turn on
  • Apple TV jammed on while displaying a tab of asks Siri
  • Other intricate glitches of Apple TV screen

Modes of Repair in AnyFix

AnyFix fixes issues for you through three distinct modes of repair.

Standard Repair

The type of repair comes with a guarantee of no data loss. Standard repair lends a hand to fix common and intricate issues, including battery drainage, the problem with charging, etc.

Advanced Repair

These repair types fix more significant setbacks, including iPhone or iPad stuck while showing off the Apple logo or the gadget is not able to restart or failed to update. The advanced repair helps you to get your item back.

Ultimate Repair

The third type of repair fixes issues such as iPhone got frozen, stuck while showing blue/black or white screen. Furthermore, it can also solve glitches as if the gadget won’t turn on or attached in DFU mode. Advance repair guarantees to bring your dead device to life instantly.

iOS Downgrade Feature of AnyFix

If iOS 14 doesn’t work for you or you keep facing issues during its upgradation and wish to downgrade to the previous version of iOS, fret not because AnyFix does that too. All you have to do is choose the Upgrade/Downgrade iOS option in AnyFix, connect your device to the computer and let AnyFix do the job for you.


While upgrading to iOS 14, you might lose data. In case that happens, don’t panic because we have a solution for this too. Thanks to its PhoneRescue feature.

PhoneRescue is the most inclusive answer to data loss that may occur during iPhone or iPad while upgradation to iOS 14. The software is easy to use, and you can recover all data within three steps. Furthermore, it comes up with a fast solution of recovering all data in a matter of minutes and makes sure that you get everything back.

If you face setbacks while upgrading your Apple gadget, know that AnyFix has got your back!

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