How to Get John Wick Hitman Operative in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion features an expansive library of interesting characters including a Hitman Operative character inspired by the John Wick film franchise.

John Wick fans will be excited to know that the famous action movie will be featured on Watch Dogs Legion. While the image of Keanu Reeves will not be used for the character, fans will still have a lot of reasons to enjoy the game. This is because the developer created their own version of the Hitman Operative character.

When Ubisoft launched the first Watch Dogs game in 2014, players were introduced to the endeared Aiden Pearce. For Watch Dogs 2, the action was focused on Marcus Holloway. However, for Watch Dogs Legion, the players are the main characters themselves.

What makes the latest installment of the series unique from the previous games is the fact that there are no main characters to control. In Watch Dogs Legion, players create their own characters and enlist other in-game characters to aid them in their adventure. This way, the game makes the player a nobody and everybody at the same time.

Among the in-game characters, players can enlist a John Wick-inspired Hitman Operative. This particular operative has a lot of unique traits that acknowledges the hitmen from the popular action movie. Any Watch Dogs Legion player who is also a fan of the John Wick movie franchise would surely love to control this character through the busy streets of London.

Unlocking the John Wick Hitman Operative is really easy. All players have to do is finish a particular mission in the game. Here is a step-by-step instruction to unlocking the character:

  1. Head over to the Night Elms area
  2. Start the Neutralize VIP mission
  3. Eliminate an enemy drone while documenting photographic evidence using a cargo drone.
  4. Acquire a keycard by hacking a nearby computer using a spider gadget.
  5. The mission will be completed once a player is able to take down the Albion Contractor and take over the entire Night Elms location.

When these tasks are done, the game will congratulate the player and will be granted access to the Hitman Operative. The character’s loadout is as follows:

  • Albion Vendetta: Extra Faction Damage
  • Combat Roll: Evasive Dodge
  • Gunkata: Instant Gun Takedowns
  • Desert Eagle + G36: Weapon Arsenal

However, it is worth noting that not everyone will get the same loadout as this one, but their stats and weapons will always be the same. The main difference is that players will have the opportunity of acquiring a female operative rather than a male.

Watch Dogs Legion is now available for the Xbox One, Stadia, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game will also be available for the next-gen consoles this November.


Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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