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Music offers peace, entertainment, and a lot more. People are highly attached to the tune of their liking, and to stream that, they go to music streaming platforms.

Streaming music is highly popular in today’s age and time. These platforms offer the ability to stream as much content as you want from anywhere you are. Some may be paid, and some may be free but come with commercial ads. Regardless, you need to have a solid internet connection in order to seamlessly stream music on some popular streaming apps. Only a reliable connection and mobile data plan from AT&T Internet can get you all set to stream your favorite music.

The following is a list of some amazing and free music streaming platforms. Enjoy!


Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform where you can listen to amazing music from your favorite artists. However, the free version has a low sound quality, and you cannot use Seek; you can only shuffle through music lists and artists. Also, it is ad-supported, which will interrupt you between every few tracks. But you can get rid of all these disturbances by using its pretty affordable monthly subscription.

YouTube Music

YouTube is the largest video streaming platform, but people also go to YouTube for music. It is a totally free platform where you can listen to millions of tracks, make a playlist, shuffle through music, and even download music videos, all for free. Also, it is a great place to stream live concerts, follow your favorite artists, and enjoy limitless content.

Slacker Radio

You should definitely check out Slacker Radio. It is a great music streaming platform that provides personalized radio stations for everyone to listen to for free. All you need is to make an account, input your music taste, and it will handle the rest. Also, you can view the radio stations that others have created.


SoundCloud is one of the oldest and much-loved music streaming platforms where you can listen to all kinds of music for free. It is an evergreen platform that offers lots of features like you can create your own playlist or follow people and listen to their playlists for a change. Although it does not have as much audience as it had before, it is still one of the best ways to listen to your favorite artists and music.


Deezer is another amazing platform that has both free and paid plans. It has over 50 million tracks and around 30,000 radio channels for you to enjoy. Moreover, you can create your own playlist, use discovery tools to find music, or stream live radio. However, there are some restrictions with the free service, as you can only stream the platform’s own mixes, there is no offline mode, and it contains ads.


Pandora’s free streaming version is very limited as you can only listen to the platform-curated music radio according to your liking. Moreover, you cannot skip tracks, listen offline, or adjust your playlist. Still, it is an amazing platform to stream and enjoy quality music if you are a fan of discovering new music and artists.


Jango is a less popular platform than its competitors, but you should underestimate its abilities just on the basis of that. It offers a huge library of music, you can jump between tracks as much as you like, and it works on all devices. All of this makes it one of the best platforms to enjoy music without downloading or making an account.


Musixhub is a little slower but a great music streaming platform where you can freely go through artists and play music. Plus, you don’t need to create an account to listen to free music while online. Also, it has a library feature where you can save tracks. However, you have to sign in via Facebook to make an account and sign in, which may put off some users.


MySpace is an old but still very alive platform that has shifted from being a social platform to a music streaming platform. It was purchased by Justin Timberlake and is now a popular platform for listening to music. Here, you can find top stars, and everything is free to listen to, and you don’t have to download files on your device. Lastly, there are no play limits or restrictions.

iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio is a mix of music streaming and radio broadcasting. You will have to create an account and put in your location to get all the radio stations available in your area. Moreover, you can build custom radio stations and enjoy the music of your liking.

Final Takeaway

Music is a much-loved entertainment, but it is only half of the entertainment if you cannot listen to your favorite songs while outside or in the gym. For that, you need a reliable internet and mobile data plan from AT&T. You can contact AT&T customer service for details and further information.

Other than that, these platforms offer a great way to listen to your favorite content, artists, and playlists absolutely for free. All these platforms have more than enough music for audiophiles. So, what are you waiting for? Start streaming and enjoying.

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