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Bonus Poker is the variation of Better or Jacks video poker that provides bonus payouts for 4. The bonus amount for the 4 of a kind is dependent on the ranks the cards are in the hand. It is the best video poker game that is played in most casinos. As it is based on Better or Jack’s video poker, the gameplay is similar too. You can begin by inserting money into a Bonus Piker machine. The screen update is used for displaying the number of credits. You might decide on the number of coins you wish to play for 1 -5.

The different kinds of Bonus Poker Variations

The main aspect of a Bonus Poker, which differentiates it from a Better or Jacks game is the bonus payout for 4 of a kind. The paytables differ from one machine to another though some of the paytables provide better odds to the players. The เว็บพนันออนไลน์ offer various types of bonus poker variations that are as follows:

  • Royal Flush

It is traditionally the greatest paying hand in a video poker game. This pays off at 800 – 1 but only if you have placed a maximum bet of 5 coins. It means you can see a 4000 coin jackpot when it hits the one. You should not play for anything less than maximum coins on a video poker game.

  • 4 of a kind

It is a huge bonus hand. This pays off 80 to 1. The remarkable thing is this is the greatest paying 4 of a kind in a Bonus Poker.

  • Straight Flush

The hand pays out 50-1. The payout for the Straight Flush and all the lower-ranking hands stay constant irrespective of whether or not you have made the bet for the maximum coin. The final hand where it matters is a Royal Flush.

  • 4 of a kind

These hands payout at 40 to 1.

  • Other 4 of a kind

These hands payout at 25 – 1.

  • Full house

The hand pays off at 8-1. This is a vital hand as in Better or Jack games, the size of a payout for the Flush or Full House is the payouts, which change from one game to another to give a casino a lower or higher edge. The best versions of a Bonus Poker have an 8/5 payout on the 2 hands which means that a Full House pays off 8-1 and a Flush pays off 5-1.

  • Straight

Pays off 4-1.

  • Flush

Pays off 5-1.

  • 2 Pairs

Pays off 2 -1.

  • 3 of a kind

Pays off 3-1.

  • The pair of Better or Jacks

It pays off at the even odds.

The payout for a Royal Flush is 250-1 until you place the max bet, where the payout is 800-1. All Bonus poker Games are not created equally. With Better or Jacks, many variations happen with the Flush Comnibation and Full House. Though the best combination is 8/5, you can find games that have 7/5 as well as 6/5 payouts. Some of the Bonus Poker games pay 35-1 or 30-1 on 4 of a Kind.

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