Fire Mage is one of the most interesting and colorful classes in World of Warcraft. He is able to deal strong AoE damage to targets and impose additional negative effects in the form of burns. They are inferior to other mages in terms of single-target damage, but farming and mass battles surpass them in efficiency.

Highly dependent on equipment and weapons, as well as the mana pool, which is closely related to the quality of robes and other buffs.

In general, a mage is expensive, as he needs the best armor for physical protection and mana levels and a strong attacking staff.

You can earn money for equipment by upgrading the profession of a tailor and inscription, and then you can make all the necessary magic equipment yourself, or you can buy wotlk classic gold on a special website and purchase the best equipment available on the marketplace.

Main build for PVP

In the PVP build, the direction of fire is fully used, and skills are pumped that:

  1. Deal fire damage, basic and periodic.
  2. Inflict delayed damage – for example, an explosive bomb that detonates after 12 seconds if the effect is not dispelled in a timely manner by the healer.
  3. Reinforcing effects that complement each other. The Path of Fire will allow you to land two attacking skills in a row without a cast just when the critical damage is triggered.
  4. Knockback and disorientation – skills that cause damage and do not allow the enemy to immediately return to battle. This is either a short-duration debuff or a debuff that someone must remove from the target in order to continue the fight.

Cast symbols based on the most powerful spells available to the class.

  • Glyph of the living bomb – after detonation, it can deal critical, enhanced damage to the target.
  • Glyph of Burn – Increases the potential of your Burn skill by 20%.
  • Glyph of Transmutation – The effect will now remove all skills that deal damage over time from the target.
  • Glyph of the Wizard’s Intelligence – Significantly reduces the mana cost of buffs. We take everything that reduces mana costs.
  • Glyph of Protection from Ice and Fire – has a chance to reflect the skill back at the attacker. The chance of application is 5%. These are two separate skills that have been iced together for ease of explanation.

Abilities and their use in PVP for fire mage in World of Warcraft WotLK

the fire mage does not have a clear sequence of applying the skill for a guaranteed victory. It is only worth noting that the constant use of a living bomb can cause significant harm to the entire group and reduce their healing potential.

Defensive Skills

Ring of ice – attacks opponents with a mass skill and freezes everyone for up to 8 seconds. Does not require a dedicated target.

Mana Shield – Absorbs incoming damage due to the MP pool. Be careful – when you run out of MP, you will not only start to lose health, but you will also not be able to cast spells.

Blast Wave – Knocks back targets, preventing them from returning to combat immediately, and deals fire damage, which has cumulative additional burn damage.

Dragon Breath – The player releases a jet of flame in front of them, and all enemies hit take damage and become unable to attack before taking any damage.

Blink – moves forward, simultaneously removing all negative effects that slow down or block the movement of the magician, including stunning.

Control Skills

Polymorph – Turns the target into a hulking turtle with high health and mana regeneration but a limited movement. The effect is dispelled whenever the target takes damage.

Anti-Magic – Rejects any spell cast on the mage and prevents the target from using that school of magic for the next 8 seconds.

Spellstealer – steals one of the active magical amplifications and does not work for physical buffs.

Attack and attack-enhancing skills

Combustion – Increases the chance to deal critical damage with any spell of the element of fire and increases damage by 10% when a critical effect is triggered.

Frostfire Arrow – Combines the slow effect of ice and burns from the fire. Inflicts an additional ignite effect and slows the target by 40%.

Path of Fire – If any of the basic magic fire skills work with critical damage twice in a row, then spells with a cooldown of 10 seconds can be cast instantly for several seconds.

Fiery retribution – with a sharp decrease in your health, the effect of protection and recovery is enhanced, and the most powerful fire magic spells become cheaper in terms of mana costs and have a reduced ability rollback. When health increases, the effect disappears.

Pyroblast is the most powerful offensive fire spell for a mage. Deals increased damage and applied an additional burning effect. A number of the skills mentioned earlier can reduce the cooldown and cost of the skill or even make the cast instant for 10 seconds.

Burn – inflicts periodic fire damage.

The Explosion of Fire is an applied effect that can stun the target and inflict fire damage over time.

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