Are you a gamer who prefers not to spend too much time downloading or installing the game? We got a solution for you. Mobile cloud gaming platform is making great strides to resolve your dilemmas and turn several things into a reality. is a platform where you can access several games, including mainstream games or the most popular ones such as “Minecraft,” “Fortnite,” “Roblox,” and many more. As long as you have a browser, such as a Chrome browser, a stable Internet connection like a Wi-Fi connection, and access to, you are all set. You can start playing your favorite games anytime and anywhere. 

However, not all games are available and playable on If you are an avid fan and player of the game “Gacha Club,” you might be wondering whether this is available on We will find out here. 

Playing ‘Gacha Club’ On A Step-By-Step Guide

To answer your question, “Gacha Club,” fortunately for you, is available and playable on Here is the step-by-step guide to starting to play the game on the platform. 

First, head to Google and type in the search bar, “ gacha club” or “gacha club” It is totally up to you. There is no way you can search for a game on the website because it does not offer a search function (unless you want to manually look for the game one by one on their games page), so be sure to follow this step.

Then, you will be directed to the search results page when you hit the Search button. The link to the page where you can start playing “Gacha Club” on, using the search term you typed earlier, would usually be at the top of the search results. Click on this. 

You will then be taken to this page on, as seen in the image below. Note that at this point, you might need to use a VPN to see the “Play in browser” button unless you want to download BlueStacks X (which appears if you do not use a VPN) and go through the steps. 

Click on the “Play in browser” button that you see. We boxed this in red in the image below.

The game will load itself, and once loaded, you will be directed to the main game page. After a while, a pop-up will appear to ask you to enter your age. Enter your age to continue. 

After entering your age, another box will appear to present you with the “Gacha Club” terms and conditions. You may read through and click the “Agree & Continue” button to continue with the game. 

You will then be taken to the Tutorial page. You can go through the tutorial, which is helpful for those playing “Gacha Club” for the first time. It will discuss:

  • how you can customize your characters
  • how can you create a scene using your characters in Studio mode
  • how you can Gacha for special units to help the player in battle
  • how you can enhance your units to make them stronger
  • how you can play the battle modes;
  • and finally, how you can play the mini-games. 

Here is the “Gacha Club” Home where you can customize your character, from Presets to its Profile. 

Then, you have the “Gacha Club” Studio mode, where you can dress up your character in all kinds of nifty gear you collect as you play.

Then, you get the Units page. There are several units in “Gacha Club.” Each unit has its own unique active and passive skills. 

More customizations await you on the Gacha page. You can choose between Standard Gacha, Water Gacha, Wind Gacha, and Fire Gacha. 

Choose the Battle mode to participate in battles. There are open stories, and you can unlock new stories in the game as you move further. 

Finally, if you prefer not to play the main game or participate in battles, you can take a break and play the mini-games.

Everything about “Gacha Club” right now on

About ‘Gacha Club’

A sequel to “Gacha Life,” Gacha Club is a Lunime game created by gacha developer Luni and released in June 2020. After its launch, it soon became available on iOS around two months later. Some of the game’s features include monsters, gacha-ing for characters and pets, and so much more. 

Gacha Club represents a culmination of many of Lunime’s previous games. It has a storyline with RPG elements and Battles like Gacha Resort and Gacha World. There is also a collection of mini-games similar to Gacha Resort and Gacha Life which gamers can play too. This game is popular where you can create characters and Gacha for units to help you during battles. 

Do you not have time to download or install the game? Play Gacha Club today on 

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