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Video games have come a long way. They have evolved from being single-player leisurely activities to multiplayer international competitions. Whether you are looking to play with some friends or compete for a price, technology has your back. New gadgets are being created and improved every day to make your gaming experience more comfortable and immersive. While some appliances may make you dig deep into your pocket, this is not the case for all of them. Below are some devices you should definitely consider.

Invest in a quality gaming monitor

While you may be content with gaming on a good gaming laptop, a high-quality gaming monitor is more useful. They are available in many different shapes and sizes, and they give your game more display real estate. This frees up your laptop for other uses such as streaming your game on Twitch chats. When picking a monitor, you have a choice between 4K and 1080p. The latter gives you higher refresh rates but lower resolution while the former gives you sharper images but has lower responsiveness. You also have to choose a panel type. The one you chose determines the response time and the quality of the colors and contrast. You can also check if your monitor supports AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync. They are designed to sync up your GPU and your display. Aside from the hardware, players are increasingly getting more interested in hacking tools, such as the one provided by Battlelog. These hacks are safe from getting detected, and will surely take your gaming experience to the next level!

Consider using a projector

If you desire a really immersive experience, a projector may be much better than a monitor. When purchasing a gaming projector, the most important thing to consider is the input lag. This term refers to gaming speed performance. This is the time difference between when your gaming system sends out a signal and when the projector receives it, and you see it on the screen. It is measured in milliseconds. These speeds fall into three categories, acceptable, good, and optimal.

The casual gamer can be satisfied with an acceptable input lag. Playing with this speed online will put you at a disadvantage as other players will have a faster reaction rate than you. A good input lag is suitable for most gamers. You can easily play Call of Duty online as the delay will put you behind by just one or two frames per second on a 30fps and 60fps game, respectively. Serious gamers such as career gamers go for projectors with optimal input lag. The other thing to consider is the resolution that is either 4K or 1080p.

Finally, consider the ambiance of the room you are gaming in. Ideally, you should use a place that you can fully darken. If you are going to game in a room that doesn’t darken fully, you should consider a projector with a high lumen count. Otherwise, put your projector in a room with a home theater environment for better visuals. When searching for a home on listings like Movoto, some homeowners look for houses with an extra room they can convert into a home theater.

Buy a high-quality controller

Just like video games, video game controllers have also evolved over the years. They started with controllers that had to be plugged into a console’s controller ports and changed to USB game controllers and, later on, wireless controllers. Other input devices that have been classified as gaming controllers include keyboards, mice, joysticks, and gamepads. Furthermore, there exist individual purpose devices such as light guns and steering wheels for shooting games and driving games, respectively.

Some controllers are single-purpose, meaning they can only be used for one type of game, such as dance pads for dance games. Others are designed to be multipurpose. These days, there are mice and keyboards ergonomically designed for gaming. Gamepads have evolved to include shoulder buttons on the edges of the pads, an internal motor that provides haptic feedback, and centrally placed buttons. There is an ongoing debate about whether a gamepad is better than a mouse and keyboard. The choice is ultimately up to you. Whichever you chose, be sure to pick one specifically designed for gaming.

Purchase a high-quality headset.

There are several advantages to having a quality gaming headset. First, it will limit the disturbance. It will reduce interference from external sources, and it will allow you to play without worrying about bothering anyone else. Second, it provides a much higher quality of sound so that you can rely on audio cues such as footsteps better. Third, it allows you to communicate with your friends and teammates in multiplayer games, meaning you are better able to coordinate strategies and make crucial decisions that affect the game.

Besides that, you should also consider having a good gaming chair and blue light glasses. These tools do not guarantee you will be an excellent gamer, but they do increase your odds considerably. That and making your gaming experience more pleasant and fun.

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