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If you forget your iPhone passcode and get locked out, you typically need to erase and unlock your iPhone with the help of a computer. But what if you don’t have a computer, or your locked iPhone is unable to connect to it? Don’t worry, you can unlock your iPhone passcode without the use of a computer as well. This article will explain how.

Part 1: How to unlock iPhone passcode without a computer

If your locked iPhone has Find My turned on, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock your iPhone passcode without a computer. Find My app embedded in Apple devices and icloud.com. It includes the Erase iPhone feature, which remotely erases the iPhone even when it’s locked. You can access Find My from any browser on any device to remotely erase and unlock your iPhone passcode without relying on a computer. Here are two options.

Option 1: Unlock iPhone using Apple ID

If your iPhone is running iOS 15.2 or later and has Find My enabled, you can unlock it with just your Apple ID, without using a computer or any other device.

Step 1: Keep entering the wrong passcode on your iPhone. After you’ve entered the wrong passcode seven times in a row, the iPhone screen says “iPhone Unavailable, try again in 15 minutes,” with an option to Erase iPhone in the lower right corner. Immediately tap the Erase iPhone option.

Step 2: On the next page, tap Erase iPhone again in the bottom right corner.

Step 3: You’ll be prompted for the password for the Apple ID account that’s currently being used on the iPhone. Enter the correct Apple ID password and tap Go, and your iPhone will immediately begin to erase and unlock itself, without the need for a computer.

Option 2: Unlock iPhone using Find My

If your iPhone is running iOS 15.1 or earlier, the above option will not work, so you will need to unlock your iPhone passcode using Find My on another device (but not necessarily a computer). Here’s how to use Find My to unlock your iPhone passcode without a computer.

Step 1: On another accessible device like iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or surface, open a browser and go to icloud.com.

Step 2: Sign in to icloud.com using the Apple ID that is associated with your locked iPhone. Then, tap the Find iPhone app once you have finished signing in.

Tip: If you can’t log in to icloud.com due to verification issues, you’ll need to go to another method.

Step 3: When you’re in the Find My app, all iOS devices associated with the Apple ID account will show up here. Tap to select the iPhone whose password you forgot, and then tap Erase iPhone.

Step 4: Just follow the on-screen prompts and Find My will remotely erase and unlock your iPhone.

Part 2: How to unlock the iPhone passcode using a computer

If none of the preceding options work for you, using a computer to unlock your iPhone passcode is your only option. Please take a computer on loan from a friend if you don’t have one. Obviously, the iPhone won’t automatically unlock when you connect it to a computer; you’ll need a program like iTunes or iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer.

Option 1: Using iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer

iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer is a specialized iPhone Passcode unlocking software for Windows that can quickly and securely unlock locked iPhones. The tool removes all types of iOS screen locks, including numeric passcodes, Touch ID, and Face ID. It can also be used to remove an Apple ID or Screen Time passcode from the iPhone without a password. Here is how to quickly unlock your iPhone passcode on your computer using iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer.

Step 1: Download iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer to your computer, then simply double-click the downloaded program to install it on your computer.

Step 2: Launch iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer on your computer, then click to select the tile on the left that says “Unlock Lock Screen”.

Step 3: The primary issues that the Unlock Lock Screen option can address are listed on the following page. Read them, if you want, and then click Start to proceed.

Step 4: Make sure your iPhone is connected to your computer via a USB cable, then click Next. The software will automatically detect and load your iPhone.

If your iPhone can’t be detected, simply put your iPhone in recovery mode by following the on-screen instructions to have it detected.

Step 5: When the software page displays your device information, you’ll be prompted to download the firmware package needed to unlock the iPhone. So, click Download, and the software will begin downloading the firmware package to the computer. You need to wait a few minutes for the download to finish.

Step 6: Once the firmware is ready, you’ll see the Unlock button on the software page. Click the Unlock button and the software will start unlocking your iPhone.

Step 7: The unlocking process takes only 2 or 3 minutes, and then you’ll see the message “Unlocked iPhone Successfully” on the software page. At this point, your iPhone will reboot, and you can access it without entering a passcode.

Option 2: Using iTunes

If you don’t want to use any third-party iPhone unlocking software, you can unlock your iPhone passcode using iTunes on your computer.

Step 1: Make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer (preferably the latest version of iTunes). If iTunes is already open and running, close it.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your computer employing a USB cable, then put it in recovery mode.

Step 3: Open iTunes on your computer, and it will automatically detect your iPhone and provide options to update or restore it. To unlock your iPhone passcode, choose the Restore option.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions and iTunes will automatically restore your iPhone to its factory settings. When the restore is successful, your iPhone is unlocked and you simply re-set it up to get in.


When you forget your iPhone passcode and are locked out, you can unlock your iPhone whether you use a computer or not. In contrast, unlocking your iPhone from your computer is much more convenient because it’s not limited by the iOS version and doesn’t require you to log in with an Apple ID. If you don’t have a computer, just borrow one from a friend. Only when Find My enabled on your iPhone do you have a chance to unlock it without using a computer.

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