How To Unlock Your iPad Without Passcodes 2021

You may have set a passcode on your iPad to prevent others from accessing it without your permission. The iPad is disabled if you forget the passcode or frequently input it incorrectly. You won’t be able to unlock the iPad in such an instance. You can reset the iPad using its recovery mode or a computer that has been synced with iTunes, but you won’t be able to retrieve data that hasn’t been stored upon the device.

Using iTunes

If you’ve previously used iTunes to sync an iPad with a computer, you can use that computer to reset the iPad if you’ve forgotten the passcode. Whether you have an iPad Mini, iPad Pro, or another device, the process is the same and quite similar to an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Using the cable that came with the iPad, connect it to the computer. On your PC, launch iTunes. If you’ve synced the device with many computers in the past and are asked for a passcode on that computer, try using another computer. Otherwise, you may have to restore the device using recovery mode.


If everything goes well, iTunes will sync your device and create a backup of your data on your computer. When it’s finished, go to iTunes and select “Restore iPad.” The device’s factory settings will be restored. If you’re prompted to log in using your Apple ID and password, be sure you have them ready.

You’ll be asked if you want to restore data from a backup, which might be the most recent backup you made or an older backup. Examine the backup dates and select the backup that makes the most sense for your needs.

Using Recovery Mode

You can still restore your iPad using its built-in recovery mode if you haven’t synced it with a computer or don’t have it with you. You’ll still need to utilize iTunes on a computer. You can borrow one, use one at a library, or bring your iPad to an Apple Store location if you don’t have one.


Open iTunes after connecting the device to the computer. Hold down the home and top or side buttons at the same time. The device will enter recovery mode, and iTunes will ask if you want to “Update” or “Restore” it. To return the device to factory settings, select “Restore.”

Any data you have on the iPad will be lost unless you have alternative backups because you haven’t synced it with iTunes.

Using Siri

Don’t want to use a computer to unlock your iPad? The smartphone can then be unlocked using Siri. This is one of the most prevalent ways to get around the iPhone and iPad’s screen lock.

  • To activate Siri, press and hold the device’s Home button.
  • Ask Siri “what time is it?” to open the clock app.
  • After that, the clock app will be launched. Input any characters in the search box by tapping the “+” icon in the upper right corner of this interface.
  • Continue pressing the keys until “Select All” appears.


  • Then select “Share” from the drop-down menu.
  • All of the options for sharing the messages will appear. To create a new message, go to the “Message” option.
  • Fill in the “To” field and press the “Return” button.
  • The “To” field’s text will be highlighted. Then, to activate the new interface, click the “+” symbol.
  • Select “Create New Contact” and then click the “Add Photo” option in the top left corner to add a photo. This will open the Photo app on your iPhone, allowing you to return to the home screen.

Using Find My iPhone

When an iPhone is lost or stolen, Apple introduced Find My iPhone to help users find and restore their iOS system. The iCloud credentials associated to your iPad will be necessary before utilizing Find My iPhone to unlock the iPad passcode, and this service should be activated. You may unlock your iPad without a passcode by following the steps below:

  • Enter the URL of the official iCloud site on an assessable iPhone, iPad, or PC, and log into iCloud with the Apple ID and password. This iCloud account must be linked to the iPad that is locked.


  • On the iCloud home screen, select the “Find iPhone” function. This interface will display all of the devices associated with the iCloud account. Simply select the iPad for which you want to remove the passcode.
  • The iPad’s connection options will be shown. To open iPad without a password, press the “Erase iPad” button.

The password, as well as any material and settings, will be totally wiped. The iPad will then restart, and the device will no longer have a screen passcode.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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