Ensuring your own security or anonymity on the Internet is a rather difficult job that requires a huge amount of knowledge. Even the best IT specialists do not always cope with this. So, knowing the IP, you can collect basic information about its owner. We are talking about a name, email, and sometimes a phone number, a physical address. Also, using special scanners, you can spy on which ports are open on a device with a dedicated IP address. And that’s not all: when accessing the Internet, providers require passport data from their customers. Information about IP connections is stored by the service provider for a long time, maybe transferred to third parties by court order.

However, the lack of anonymity is typical not only for the Internet as a whole but also for various sites and social networks that also continuously collect information about the user. At the same time, social networks themselves quite often restrict access to their content. For example, you won’t be able to download your favorite Instagram story or photo. You also won’t be able to hide from the user the fact that you’ve viewed their history or unfollowed their account. As a result, users turn to third-party applications with special tools, such as the Inflact (anonymous Instagram story viewer). And when it comes to how to view Instagram Stories anonymously, you need to keep in mind things like the safety and legality of using such applications. Usually. companies have a rather negative attitude towards third-party software that extends the functionality of their applications.

The benefits of online anonymity

Private stay on the Web allows you to:

  • work with multi-accounts in social networks and search engines without the risk of being banned;
  • reduce the amount of spam and advertising when surfing;
  • bypass blocking and network censorship;
  • watch and download content without restrictions;
  • prevent the actions of ill-wishers;
  • get rid of total control by the state/management;
  • protect yourself from scammers;
  • avoid hacker attacks.

How to become invisible online

Privacy protection makes your online experience more convenient and secure. Let’s look at effective ways to remain anonymous.

Organizational measures for data protection

  1. Get yourself multiple accounts.
  2. Install only verified software on your device.
  3. If necessary, change the connection point.
  4. Update your operating system regularly.
  5. Do not leave important information in open Internet points.
  6. Periodically clear your browser history.
  7. Do not visit social networks and government services in anonymous mode.
  8. Disable saving history, caching, and extensions when working in the browser.

In addition to following these rules, you must also use special programs and tools to ensure your digital security.


The easiest and at the same time the most secure way is to use a VPN service. A Virtual Private Network is a special program that creates an untraceable channel between the user and the Network by encrypting the traffic and hiding the IP address.


A proxy is a kind of intermediary between the user and the site. All user requests are first redirected to a specific server, and from there they are already redirected to the desired site. In this case, the address of the parent server is displayed in the address bar of the browser. Proxies not only serve as reliable protection of personal information but also provide a high data transfer rate.


TOR is a network of routers and software through which the user accesses the Internet through a chain of nodes. Resource and client addresses are unknown to nodes. Open traffic is visible only to the exit router, TOR encrypts messages for each node separately.

Now there are a lot of rumors about the unreliability of this software. In addition to an insufficient level of anonymity, TOR has other disadvantages: the inability to use it in some countries, as well as low speed.


Today, security and anonymity on the Internet are really important topics. It is quite difficult for modern users today to maintain the confidentiality of their data, given the politics of social networks. In this regard, it is quite important to know the basic rules of digital hygiene and safe behavior on the Internet and social networks.

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