Indie Game ‘Bounty Battle’ Releases New Animated Trailer

Most people love crossovers, especially when it features well-loved characters or worlds. As such, this is one of the reasons why games like Super Smash Bros. are a real hit, excluding the fact that it’s a pretty great game on its own.

Sometimes, crossovers don’t make a lot of sense, such as the Bridge Constructor x The Walking Dead crossover. However, this doesn’t really matter most of the time – why the crossover came to be usually matters less than how fun the gameplay is.

Borne out of this mindset is Bounty Battle, otherwise known as the Super Smash Bros. of indie games, as it brings together a roster of different characters from different indie titles in order to fight for the fate of the multiverse.



In order to raise the game’s hype, an animated trailer was released. The trailer gives you a bit of context and background to the game, showing how the characters were pulled from their world by a dark hole onto a barren arena.

From there, the characters face off against one another as more of the characters from the roster show up. That being said, it’s worth noting that unlike Super Smash Bros., Bounty Battle follows the more traditional fighting gameplay mechanics.

The characters included in the game are pretty much a random and unique mix, but Bounty Battle also includes some original fighters.

Bounty Battle is scheduled to launch for the PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One on September 10, 2020. However, you can head on over to its Steam page right now and add it to your wishlist while you wait.

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