InnerSloth Cancels Among Us 2 to Focus On Current Game

One month after the announcement of Among Us 2, InnerSloth reveals in a Devlog today that they will be canceling the development of the sequel. On the bright side, fans are taking this news really well, given the fact that the studio will keep working and fixing the original Among Us game.

In the announcement, InnerSloth writes that even though the codebase used for Among Us is out of date, it’s still rather sensible to keep on working on it given how much the multiplayer murder-mystery has risen in popularity.

Of course, this also means that they’ll have to make some necessary adjustments to the game to ensure that it’s able to adapt to a very huge playerbase. Without a doubt, InnerSloth has chosen the more difficult option – and they know it, too – since it has to really delve into the core code of the title and redo various parts of it.

That being said, players won’t miss out on anything that Among Us 2 had to offer because the studio will be adding whatever content they planned for the sequel to the original game instead.


One of the many new things InnerSloth has planned for the future of Among Us is better servers. The Devlog post states that at the moment, studio programmer Forest Willard is still “working very hard” to try and figure out the game’s server issues.

On the downside, they don’t have an estimated time frame as to when the server issues will get sorted out, and it’s understandable that they need to make this one of the studio’s priorities given how the servers have been worked to their limit already.

However, on the positive side of things, InnerSloth is hopeful that the servers will only get “better and better” going forward, especially since “this is taking up all development time” on Willard’s end.

Another feature they’re working to add to the game is colorblind support. InnerSloth admits that it has been putting this feature off, but now it has finally decided to work on it. The developers plan on adding “other identifiers for players as well as certain color focused tasks” such as wires.

The studio admits that they didn’t add a lot of colors in the past because it caused difficulty when trying to tell players apart. However, this new colorblind support feature they’re planning to add should open up the possibility of more colors in the game.

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A friends/account system is also one of the features you can expect in the future. It will definitely take a bit of time to figure out, but InnerSloth says that this is something it has always wanted to do.

The last thing the announcement notes is a brand-new stage. InnerSloth reveals that the next stage will be “a Henry Stickmin themed location.” It’s still in the early stages though and the developers only just started working on the stage’s layout.

Nevertheless, it’s super exciting to know that we can look forward to a new stage at some point.

Given how it would be risky to fragment Among Us’ playerbase by having a sequel, we think that it was for the best that they cancelled it. Plus, we have all these cool new features to look forward to in Among Us!

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