If you love using the photo-sharing app Instagram, you will notice that it is not possible to view a user’s Instagram profile picture in full size. The Instagram profile picture is not clickable, so you may not be able to view it in its full size.

But did you know there are ways and tricks available to let you view an Instagram profile picture in full size? We will not stall this discussion any longer, so without further ado, here are the ways you can view an Instagram profile picture in full size.

Websites Where You Can View And Download Instadp – Profile Picture In Full Size

First and foremost, before we head over to discussing the best websites you can use to view an Instagram profile picture in full size, you should know how to get or copy an Instagram username. Here is how.

First, you open the Instagram profile. There are two ways to get or copy the Instagram profile username. You can copy it from the profile URL or the profile intro.

And here are the most popular websites where you can view Instagram profile pictures in their full sizes.

1. Save Insta (Worked like a charm)

Instagram profile downloader is a service that this website offers you so you can view and download Instagram profile pictures online in their full sizes. You can view Instagram profile pictures in full sizes and save them to your phone in high-quality resolution. On this website, there are three options for your Instagram profile picture.

First, there is the Instagram profile picture viewer URL which views the Instagram profile picture. Second, there is the Instagram profile picture zoom service, where you can view the Instagram profile picture in full size. Then, you can also download the Instagram profile picture online.

For you to save the Instagram profile picture online in high-definition, copy the Instagram profile URL. Paste the URL in the box and click the “View” button. Then, after this, you can view the Instagram profile picture. If you want to save the image, click the download button.

Also, through the Save Insta website, you can enlarge your Instagram profile picture and view it on your Android device. How to do this? Simply copy the link of the profile, paste it into the box provided, and you can save the Instagram profile picture in full-size high-definition to your device. By the way, this also works for iPhones and PCs.

Steps On How To Download Instagram Photos In Full Sizes

Meanwhile, here are the steps on how you can download Instagram photos in their full sizes on Save Insta.

  1. Copy the link to the Instagram photo you want to download.

2. Click on the Photo tab and paste the link into the box. Then, click “View.”

3. The Instagram photo you want to download will appear. Click on the download button below the image. The image will then be saved to your device.

This website is very effective. This time, we let you know the reasons why you should start using this website, especially when you want to view an Instagram profile picture in full size. 

First, this is a free downloader. You do not have to pay anything to download anything from Instagram. Now, who would not love that? 

Second, this website is an anonymous downloader. You do not have to log in to your Instagram account or put any private information. 

Third, this is also one of the best websites to download and save Insta Stories in a high-quality and quick way. 

Moreover, this website also lets you download videos, photos, Instagram profiles, private Instagram accounts even, and Instagram Reels. The videos are downloaded in high-quality. The images are downloaded in original size and top-notch quality too. 

You can also save Instagram profile pictures directly in full and their original sizes. When it comes to private Instagram accounts, you can download anything from private accounts on IG. And, you can save Instagram reels directly.

2. Instadp

Instagram is a major social network with more than two billion active monthly users as of 2021. It is the perfect platform for artists, idols, and celebrities when they want to attract their fans. 

Content uploading on Instagram is public and free to access. However, this platform does not give the users the option to download and save the media files to their devices. Thus, Instadp has been created to solve this issue as it lets you download high-quality Instagram content like Instagram profile pictures, videos, reels, Stories, and highlight Stories. It is fast, easy, and completely free. 

Instadp is a free all-in-one tool that helps you download Instagram content, including Instagram profile pictures, videos, Reels, Stories, Stories highlights, and so much more. Instadp works online without any installation required, so you can download all Instagram content easily and quickly in just a few clicks.

How To View Instagram Photos In Full Size Via Instadp

Aside from downloading Instagram profile pictures through this website, you can also view Instagram photos in full size via Instadp. Here are the steps.

First, head over to the Instadp website. Then, go to the “Insta Photos Downloader” tab.

You will see this:

So you will have to copy the photo link from Instagram. You can go to your Instagram on your browser. Head over to the Instagram profile from where you want to view and download the Instagram photo in full size. Click the photo, click the three-dotted button on the top-right corner, and click “Copy link.”

Then, paste the link in the box provided and tap “Get.”

You may also use the website to enter the Instagram username of the profile you wish to view the profile picture in full size. That is easy; it will show you the large profile picture. You can save the picture in two ways. First, you can click “Download Full-Size Profile Picture.” Second, you can right-click and tap “Save Image As…”

The Instadp download worked fine on instadp.io, and I could download the profile picture. However, the image quality was horrible.

The Instadp downloaded was 200X200 pixels. Compared to the quality of the image downloaded from save-insta.com, instadp.io was garbage.

Instagram Photos Downloader, Videos Downloader, Reels Downloader, Stories Downloader, and Stories Highlights Downloader did not work for me. If these work for you, do let me know. For all these, I got the following error, “Data not found or server errors,” every time I tried.

3. Inflact

Inflact is another website that lets you view full-size Instagram profile pictures. On Instagram, by default, it is impossible to click on and expand images users put as their main photo. You can use this web tool to view and download main photos, and more. It even works for private profiles and those who put you on the blacklist.

With this website, you will never need to log in to your account or register. Simply follow these steps. There are several tabs to choose from. For this sample, we will choose the “DP” tab. Click on it.

Then, copy the unique @nickname of the desired user.

Do not forget to add the @ character before the username. Paste this name into the field at the top of the page.

Then, after you choose the menu button View, the media file will be presented on the screen in large size. Save the photo on your device, if necessary. That simple.

4. Izuum

It is also easy to view Instagram profile pictures in their full sizes via the Izuum website. Izuum is a recently developed tool that allows you to see the profile picture of a user on Instagram. According to the website, this tool has been developed with the latest technology to ensure you can easily view the image of a certain user. You can use this to also see the profile picture of people not on your friends’ list and decide whether you would like to follow them or not. Izuum also said the picture will be clearly zoomed and you will know who is in the image. Without further ado, here are the steps.

First, head over to Izuum. Follow the similar steps in copying the username from Instagram as discussed in the previous website on this list. Then, paste the Instagram username into the text box and hit “Search Profile Now!”.

Wait until the loading finishes.

Scroll down to view the image. Then, click “Download Now.” You are good to go.

There are some instances when it won’t work for some Instagram users.

When I clicked on the “Search Profile Now” button the loading animation just kept going and after some time there was nothing to download.


After the animation stopped, the following page loaded, and there were no images for download. I am not sure if I did something wrong or if it is just clickbait for earning money. In this case, this website was just a waste of time for me.

How To View An Instagram Profile Picture In Its Full Size Using An App

When you do not have access to a website that lets you view Instagram profile pictures in their full sizes, what you can do is accomplish this via an app. Here is how to do it.

First, download and install the Insfull – Big Profile Photo app. Open the app, then put the Instagram username on the search box and tap on go. You will get the same Instagram profile on the next screen. You can zoom it until eight times. And you can even download the profile picture you viewed in its full size.

Viewing Instagram Profile Pictures In Their Full Sizes Is Easy

Instagram is a widely used platform for sharing photos, videos, and reels online. According to statistics, there were 1.21 billion monthly active users of Instagram in 2021, making up over 28 percent of the world’s Internet users.

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social networking service that Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger started in 2010. It was later acquired by American company Facebook Inc., now known as Meta Platforms. This photo and video sharing app allow users to upload media that can be edited with filters and organized by hashtags and geographical tagging.

But Instagram, though it looks like so, is not perfect. It has limitations, and there are things you cannot make possible with the use of this app, such as viewing users’ profile pictures in their full sizes. But with the help of tools and the tricks you have learned above, it will be possible to view Instagram profile pictures in their full sizes. Try them now.

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