Constant Internet Connection is Required to Play Godfall

The release date of the PlayStation 5 is fast approaching, but players’ feelings towards it have been quite mixed. There are multiple reasons for this, though, most of them being valid concerns. For one thing, the fans’ preorder experience was not as smooth-sailing as they had hoped.

Besides that, players had an issue with the console’s pricing, as well. The PS5 and most, if not all, the games under it are expensive, especially since companies have hiked up the price for titles supported by the system. As such, fans have been wondering if purchasing highly-awaited games such as Godfall would be worth it.

Godfall was one of the very first titles that were announced for the PlayStation 5, yet until now, the game is still a mystery. The developers describe it as a “looter slasher,” and even though more details about it have been revealed – such as its combat mechanics – there’s still a lot we don’t know about the game.

That being said, the game’s page on the PlayStation website has been added with more information, and it appears that an all-new concern has been uncovered.


Based on Godfall’s PlayStation page, it appears that the title will require online play. In other words, this means that a constant internet connection is required if you want to play the game. Many games from the past required an internet connection all the time, and this was met with a lot of criticism from fans.

You may be familiar with titles such as Diablo III and Sim City, which were some of the games that required you to always be online. Godfall has been receiving a lot of backlash from the gaming community recently, and this new discovery might just add fuel to the fire.

It’s possible that the developers had very good reasons for this requirement, but so far, we can only think of reasons that aren’t all that satisfactory. For one thing, Godfall is a singleplayer title more than anything despite the fact that it does give you the option to co-op.

As such, it makes no sense to require an internet connection for a game where you have to play on your own. Not only that but if servers are down or if the WiFi isn’t working for whatever reason, this means that you won’t be able to play the game at all.


That being said, the game may have been designed differently despite the fact that it’s considered to be a singleplayer game. On Godfall’s PlayStation page, it states that the developers designed the different bosses you’ll encounter with “co-op in mind.”

This kind of game design is similar to Metal Gear: Peace Walker, which was a singleplayer game with bosses made for a multiplayer mode. If the combat mechanics for Godfall will be co-op centered, too, then the game will definitely be in trouble.

That being said, there are two more issues related to the “always online” conundrum. The first one is that if for some reason Godfall’s servers get discontinued, this means the end for the game, as well.

We would have assumed that Counterplay Games had learned its lesson, given the fact that this very scenario happened to one of their previous games Duelyst.

Last but not least, the PlayStation page also notes that in order to play the game, you need to have PS Plus. Of course, not everyone is a member of PlayStation Plus, so this requirement will definitely be met with negative reactions.

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