Pick-up cars are generally used for freight or mobility in rural areas with poor road conditions. Isuzu D-Max is trying its luck as a vehicle for mining and plantation areas scattered outside Java.

Isuzu D-Max offers reliability and durability for various driving needs. Currently, the Isuzu D-Max marketed in Indonesia is the second generation of cars that have been circulating since 2013. When it comes to pick-up cars, whether it is a single cab or a double cab, there are not many features in the interior, because cars like this only sell utility in freight transportation and toughness in off-road terrain.

Isuzu D-Max, Isuzu MU-X Pickup Version

it is common when automotive companies produce several vehicle models using one particular platform and Isuzu is one of them. Isuzu produces the D-Max and MU-X using the same platform. The latest generation of the Isuzu D-Max is indeed more focused as an urban vehicle. Thus, Isuzu focuses more on the comfort factor. Entering the cabin area, you can feel the comfortable and airy atmosphere.

For the latest generation, the entertainment features are more complete as well as the safety features. Features like Power Window. Keyless Entry, or Audio 2DIN, has become a standard facility in the pick-up double cabin. The price was not too expensive, so the presence of the New Isuzu D-Max made many people want to buy it.

Isuzu D-Max Timeless Design

It is a characteristic of Isuzu that it has not made many changes to its design. The company, known as the “king of diesel engines”, still believes in designs that are considered outdated. Isuzu will make changes after its customers demand to present a car with a new design.

The Isuzu D-Max design is almost the same as the pick-up cars of the early 2000s. You can see it on the grille which has an inverted trapezium design and chrome panels. This design was indeed popular in the early 2000s. Isuzu said that the aim of presenting the Isuzu D-Max with a 2000-style design was to keep a powerful impression.

If the D-Max comes with a futuristic design, it will not make a powerful impression on the car. This model has passed the ASEAN NCAP test by obtaining four stars in the safety test. One of the safety features that are now standard in the D-Max is the presence of two airbags for the front passenger.

At the front, there is a more modern projector lamp with LED for Daytime Running Light (DRL). The large grille design with chrome color and the words “ISUZU” makes this car look strong. Meanwhile, the highest variant has more complete features to provide comfort for the driver while driving this amazing car.

The Cabin is Awesome, More Advanced Features

The interior has undergone a few changes by adjusting the design on the MU-X. There is a 2 DIN feature for comfort and steering wheel audio control. The other features are almost the same as those of the MU-X, making the D-Max a luxurious double cabin.

The new meter cluster, 4WD Shift, steering wheel audio control, and head unit make the design more luxurious and comfortable. This car is also provided by the new 8-inch audio head unit. The seats in the second row are also more comfortable. In other words, comfort can not only be felt by the driver but also by the passengers.

New Safety Features

Then what about the safety features? The New Isuzu D-Max has several safety features such as Hill Climb Assist, 360-degree camera, and ABS, EBD, ESC, TCS, and BA braking systems. According to ASEAN NCAP, the Isuzu D-Max became the first pick-up to take part in a crash test to find out how far its safety features worked.

This car also gets a 4-Star rating in Child Occupant Protection (COP) because it already has ISOFIX. The results of this safety test are only slightly different from the MU-X, where the Isuzu MU-X meets 73% compliance for its COP results, higher than the D-Max with a percentage of 71%.

Small Engine, yet Powerful

The New Isuzu D-Max has a variable geometry system technology engine that is more powerful, but efficient and low emissions. Besides, there is also a VGS to eliminate turbo lag at low engine speed, then the turbo performance is also adjusted to the load required by the engine.

Although the engine capacity is small, the torque and power generated by this engine are greater. The torque for the 2.5-liter VGS version is 32.6 kilograms per meter, while in the 3.0-liter variant the torque is only 28.5 kilograms/meter. Plus the turbo intercooler, the engine performance becomes more efficient. The total power generated by this new engine reaches 136 PS.


All in all, Although Isuzu cars were less popular than cars from other manufacturers, the quality of these cars was the same and even better than its competitors. If you like a double cabin car from Isuzu, then you have to consider your needs. You want to buy this car whether for you to drive every day in urban areas or for plantations that often cross potholes.

If your need is only for urban mobility, all the features in the Isuzu D-Max meet these requirements, but this car is only used for casual cruising, not for driving like other daily cars.

There are important things that you should know, if you buy the Isuzu D-MAX then you must know that the availability of spare parts is limited. So, when you want to replace a spare part, then you have to look for an authorized repair shop and maybe you should order the spare part first. Of course, this will take a while until your spare parts are available.

Other important things, Isuzu spare parts are also quite expensive. This is the problem when you buy Isuzu D-Max or other Isuzu cars. As a result, the selling price of Isuzu cars drops significantly compared to the price when you bought this car.

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