IO Interactive Releases New Hitman 3 Gameplay Trailer

The first Hitman game was released in 2016 while Hitman 2 was launched in 2018. Now, IO Interactive will be releasing Hitman 3 on January 2021, which will introduce Agent 47 and all of his fatal weapons to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

As such, Hitman 3 is already touted to be the most ambitious installment in the franchise so far, especially since it’s going to come with new and expansive maps for players to explore. It’s somewhat bittersweet to think about how this upcoming title will be the final entry in the World of Assassination trilogy.

That being said, those who are interested to know how Hitman 3 will play and what it has in store for the fans will be happy to know that IO Interactive has dropped a brand-new gameplay trailer for the title.

The new trailer is entitled “Introducing Hitman 3,” and it showcases the gameplay along with a few intense and vicious kills. Players will also get to see a glimpse of the new locations.

Long-time fans of the Hitman franchise will find the footage familiar though, as it basically consists of the familiar core structure of the series: assess the target, hide in plain sight by utilizing different disguises, plan how the kill should go, and then put the plan to action.

As expected of a franchise that involves assassinations, Hitman 3 will include some pretty brutal kills, with the gameplay trailer even showing Agent 47 strangling enemies with a fiber wire. There are also other scenes wherein he kills off targets from afar using a sniper rifle, while more up-close encounters has him using his silverballer silenced pistol.

Naturally, Agent 47 will be able to utilize disguises and a variety of outfits once again, perfect for situations where he has to infiltrate areas by blending in. Asides from that, the gameplay trailer also highlights the new and extravagant locations, specifically focusing on the previously-announced Chongqing, Dubai, and Thornbridge Manor maps.

These areas appear to be jam-packed with potential targets and killing methods, including the opportunity to drop chandeliers on enemies, poisoning expensive and delicious meals, or perhaps arranging meetings that turn out to be deadly.


IO Interactive ends the trailer by discussing Hitman 3’s mastery levels. More specifically, those players who want to experience and explore every part of a map will be able to unlock new weapons, outfits, starting locations, and many more. According to the trailer, there are “20 mastery tiers per level,” so completionist gamers will have extra tasks to consider.

From what we can infer based on the trailer alone, Hitman 3 seems to be yet another solid entry by IO Interactive and we can’t wait to experience it for ourselves next month. Speaking of the developer, 2020 was a pretty great year for IO Interactive.

For one thing, the studio announced Hitman 3 in June of this year, and by November, the company had accumulated more or less 70 million players. That’s not even the biggest news, though — IO Interactive announced last month that it’s currently developing Project 007, a brand-new James Bond title that will supposedly focus more on the character and his origins.

The game doesn’t have a release date just yet, but it’s safe to assume that Project 007 will be the next big IO Interactive project after Hitman 3.

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