Apple iPhones are getting bigger and bigger nowadays, so it is no longer a surprise that there are rumors about bigger screens in the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max. However, iPhone fans are still arguing whether the move is actually helpful or just making the iPhone size more and more annoying.

Recent reports and leaks show that the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max, which are expected to arrive in 2024, are about to get bigger displays. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who frequently covers upcoming Apple features and products, reported this, saying the models will increase “a couple of tenths of an inch diagonally” compared to its predecessors. Apple-focused website 9To5Mac even recently shared an iPhone 16 Pro Max CADs, giving us a glimpse of what these rumored phones would look like. The website noted that Apple might adopt the Ultra branding in its iPhone 16 Pro series and that iPhone 16 Ultra could get a huge 6.9″ size. Meanwhile, other leakers shared that the smaller iPhone 16 model would have a 6.3″ display.

The news stirred excitement among Apple fans, though there’s still the iPhone 15 lineup (with the iPhone 15 Pro Max model rumored to get a 6.7″ screen) set to release prior to it. Some expressed how bigger screens could mean more viewing space, resulting in a better display experience. Meanwhile, other reports say that the increase is aimed at inserting the rumored periscope camera, an in-house modem chip, and an embedded Face ID element. These all add to the thrill of the wait for the iPhone 16 lineup, with some fans explaining why having bigger displays is good.

“Unpopular opinion but I’d love an even bigger phone,” a user said on a thread on Reddit.

“Nowadays, some people are using their phone as primary computing,” one user commented about the benefit of a bigger model. “Bigger phone gives you more screen for photo/video editing on the go. It tends to come with extra battery life too.”

“There are a lot of benefits from just the large size alone,” added another user. “Not to mention battery sizes can be larger in bigger phones so you get much better battery life.”

On the other hand, it seems a larger population of Apple fans find the upgrade to a bigger display or phone overkill, given the current biggest iPhone models are difficult enough to be handled with just one hand.

“Interesting development,” one user commented. “On one hand, it solves the small issue of the dynamic island cutting into 18:9 content. On the other, this design moves the dynamic island farther for reach and harder to use.”

“Alright I like big phones but there’s a limit,” stressed one user. “The current Pro Max model is at that limit. I love it but I don’t want it to get bigger anymore.”

“I don’t want my Pro to be any larger,” added another user. “It already is uncomfortable. I hope that this only is happening because of bezel reduction.”

Other users countered the criticisms about the news by saying that Apple has a certain market for bigger phones, especially those individuals who are actually ready to embrace enlarged models. Some users also added that there will always be an option for those who like smaller iPhone models by sticking to the older offerings of Apple, albeit it means missing out on new iPhone features.

How about you? What’s your opinion about this? Let us know in the comment section.

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