If you are a car or automobile lover who likes the fun of driving and finds a thrill in speeding, you must never miss trying the game BeamNG.drive. BeamNG.drive has everything a car enthusiast is looking for. In this article, we answer the question, “Is BeamNG.drive on Xbox One?”

But first, for those who are just encountering this today, let us introduce you to what BeamNG.drive is. 

What BeamNG.drive Is All About?

BeamNG.drive pertains to your freeform driving sim, which features a soft body physics model that creates realistic damage and vehicle dynamics. This game features hundreds of fun driving missions and challenges, with a degree of customization that allows players to use their imaginations and create their own driving scenarios the way they want them to be. 

This car simulator game has the driver getting to know about the behavior of cars when they actually collide. This game stands out from other simulator games because the logic and applied physics are quite accurate, even on crashes. Plus, its realistic controls make your gameplay even better. 

BeamNG.drive is easily played on PCs, but the question is, “Is BeamNG.drive on Xbox One?” Read on to find out. 

Is BeamNG.drive On Xbox One?

Right now, for all of you who just heard about this game right now and are intrigued, you might be wondering how BeamNG.drive works. We got you covered. 

BeamNG.drive basically makes you experience a car crash situation, say, a Lamborghini going out of control, entering the wrong lane, and ending up colliding with a sizable truck. These are what basically happen in the BeamNG.drive world.

The game is designed in such as way that in case you are not satisfied with your current in-game cars, or the vehicles parked in your garage, you can add more cars in the game, even domestic ones. And bringing in a new automobile will definitely mean you want its endurance checked. Hence, BeamNG.drive brings you “Crash Tests,” where you, weird as it may sound, test your car by crashing it. 

Thanks to the excellent application of skid physics, you can easily drive through the tracks, drift it off on the turns and curves, and try not to crash the car (pun intended).

We know you are eager to see the answer to the question, “Is BeamNG.drive on Xbox One?” especially if you have the gaming console with you.

Despite the success of BeamNG.drive, unfortunately, it has not made its official entry to the Xbox One gaming list. However, you can easily download this game on your PC via Steam and experience the best gameplay ever. 

In addition, we also would like you to know that BeamNG.drive does not have any free demos or resources. If you want to start playing the game, you must buy it.

How BeamNG.drive Looks And Sounds

The graphics of BeamNG.drive are pretty stunning. Though its environment may not be perfect for every taste, you should definitely check out the realistic cars. 

We have noticed how sound has been one of the main things on the developer’s mind. They pay huge attention to sound effects, may they be the sound of tires, sand, grass, or the car’s engine.

BeamNG.drive Pros And Cons

BeamNG.drive has garnered quite a response from the gaming community. To help you better understand BeamNG.drive in terms of the whole picture, here are the pros and cons of the game. 


  • Realistic crashes, physics due to soft-body dynamics
  • Included training evel
  • A lot of cars and other types of vehicles are available
  • Mods by users are available
  • Its latest version is available for download


  • BeamNG.drive is not available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, among others
  • It is also not available for iOS and Android
  • Requires really powerful hardware
  • The process is quite aimless
  • You cannot download the game for free
  • It does not have a free demo version

FAQs On BeamNG.drive

Listen to and learn from what the gaming community is saying. Here are the frequently asked questions about BeamNG.drive.

Why Is BeamNG.drive So Popular? 

BeamNG.drive is a popular game because of its superlative physics model and soft-body collusions. These translate very well to YouTube streams, generating much interest and entertainment. 

Can You Create Your Own Stunts In BeamNG.drive?

Yes, you can. BeamNG.drive features a built-in World Editor, allowing players to edit and place objects, AI paths, terrain, and other parameters. Simple stuns, like jumps created with ramps and parked cars, can be created quickly and easily. 

Do I Need Automation To Play BeamNG.drive?

You do not need automation to play BeamNG.drive. You can create vehicles in automation and export them to BeamNG.drive, however.

Wrapping Up

Despite its disadvantages, BeamNG.drive is one of those games that can take so much of your attention that the passage of hours will go utterly unnoticed while you play it.

Unfortunately, the answer to whether BeamNG.drive is available on Xbox One or not is a no for now. Let us hope its developers would plan to enhance their platforms, and bring BeamNG.drive to Xbox One and other platforms like PlayStation.

We hope this article on BeamNG.drive helped you a lot with the information you need or the questions you have. Feel free to share or report this article around online. 

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