Reels is a feature on Facebook launched just last September 2021 that lets users craft short and entertaining videos so they get discovered by more audiences. This feature allows users, including content creators, to express themselves better and even earn additional income. 

Yesterday, Meta announced that it is introducing a wide range of features to Reels that will make it even easier for content creators to earn more money on Facebook. 

“… We’re sharing our latest updates for creators, making it easier than ever to create Reels, build an audience with professional mode for profile and earn a steady income on Facebook,” Facebook said in its official news release. “From inspiration to simplified creation, we’re making it easy to produce fun and creative Reels on Facebook.”

Inspiration Hub 

Being a content creator is not easy. The behind-the-scenes process these creators go through before coming up with the final output differs from what audiences see once the content is posted and live. The behind-the-scenes is a bit stressful, especially when these creators spend hours thinking about what content to share. 

So, Facebook is making it easier for them to develop fresh content ideas. The platform is introducing the Inspiration Hub on the Professional Dashboard that will provide content creators with a listing of today’s most popular Reels, hashtags, topics, and music. Isn’t this fantastic?

Templates Hub

Aside from the challenges content creators face when coming up with content ideas, they also undergo the rigorous process of editing and creating the actual Reels. Don’t worry. Facebook is coming to the rescue.

The platform is also launching the new Templates Hub in the Reels Composer, displaying the most trending templates creators can use so they won’t have to create their Reels from scratch.

Unified editing screen 

But wait, there’s more. If you are a content creator sharing Reels, you know that editing your Reels is also not simple. It takes time. Now, Facebook is making editing Reels easier as they bring together text, audio, and music in a unified editing screen. With this, it is now easier to layer and time the various creative attributes of your clip exactly how you want your audience to see them. 

Performance Bonus Program

Are you getting a lot of engagements for your posts? Rewards are coming your way. Meta is also introducing the Performance bonus program, which rewards creators for engagement on their Facebook posts. Right now, the program is by invitation only, but the company told news outlets that soon, it would enroll more creators and add more bonuses so these creators can boost their potential earnings. 

More new features

As a content creator, you want more audiences to see you. Meta is making this possible as it tests features that will make it easier for you to share your content between Facebook and Instagram. The company told the media it would experiment with cross-posting for branded content so you can more easily share Sponsored posts from Instagram in your Facebook Reels and Stories.

Do you love these new features? ‘Coz we do.

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