Jinx From League Of Legends Arriving To Fortnite

Fortnite has been all about partnerships in recent years, with Epic Games collaborating with a slew of famous gaming and entertainment IPs and personalities. Partnerships with Marvel, DC, Capcom, Sony, Microsoft, and celebrities and influencers like LeBron James, Drake, and Ninja have all been in the past.

Several partnerships have already been announced for the current Fortnite season, Chapter 2, Season 8, including a new Batman skin, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, and characters from the next Dune film. Epic Games is teaming up with Riot Games to introduce a popular League of Legends avatar to Fortnite.


Epic Games and Riot Games have partnered up to introduce Jinx to the game to help promote the upcoming League of Legends Netflix TV series Arcane. Jinx will be a major character in Arcane, and she will be voiced by Ella Purnell, who is most known for her roles in Kick-Ass 2 and Star Trek: Prodigy as Dolce and Gwyn, respectively. Other League of Legends Champions will appear alongside Jinx in the animated Netflix program, including Caitlyn, Jayce, Vi, and Viktor.

Riot Games has funded Arcane in order for the firm to maintain creative control and develop the show it wants, expanding the universe and characters that fans have grown devoted to over time. On November 6, November 13, and November 20, 2021, three episodes of the series will be released.

Fortnite and League of Legends are two of the most popular video games in the world today, with millions of people playing each day. This is Epic Games’ first cooperation with another esports-focused competitive game. Both games compete for popularity on streaming services like Twitch, and although being in distinct genres, they are competitors.

Collaborations are a lot of fun in Fortnite because they allow players to use their favorite characters from other franchises in the game, such as the many Marvel characters in the game, which helps boost cosmetic sales and brings new attention to the franchises by exposing new players to the characters for the first time.

Tim Sweeney, the creator of Epic Games, hinted in early 2020 that he sees Fortnite as more than just a game and that it will become its own entertainment platform. This has been demonstrated with the publication of movie trailers as well as full movie screenings and live performances on Party Royale.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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